Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Should I Question My Survivor Benefit Rate?

I applied for widows benefits (divorced) at age 60. My ex-husband of 18 yrs died 5 yrs ago at age 58, never collected benefits. I was told I would receive $1530. a month. However, I received 5 months back payment (SSA is back-logged, I was told) for $6826. That comes out to $1374 a month. Why would I receive the reduced rate? That's $156. less than I was told. I just received a letter from SSA stating my benefits will be $1374. Should I question this, or pursue it with them, or just take the reduced payment? Thank you.


If I Get Divorced Can I Get My Ex-Husband's Social Security?

I was married for 19 1/2 years to my ex husband. I was his second wife. He was married to her for 4 years. He died in 2018 at 67. I’m separated from my current husband pending divorce ASAP. My question is once I’m divorced can I get my ex husbands Social Security?! Oh I’m disabled if that matters. I don’t know.
Please respond ASAP.


Is My Friend Entitled To Benefits From Her Deceased Ex-Husband's Social Security?

My friend who is 63 years old divorced 20 years but had been married to this man for 18. He passed away 4 years ago. She works fulltime. Is she entitled to benefits from her ex husband's social security? She wants to continue to work. Her ss will be better then his at retirement


Is It Correct That My Survivor Benefit Rate Won't Be Higher If I Wait Until Age 70?

My ex-husband just died at 67 but neither of us had begun taking our social security yet - we were planning to wait until 70. I am in the age window where I can switch benefits, but mine are less than my ex's and will still be if I wait to collect on my record until I'm 70. So that's not an option. When I went into the SS office recently, I was told that his benefit amount is frozen as of his date of death so they advised me to take my ss retroactively for six months and begin collecting on his record immediately.

Will My Survivor Benefits Increase When I Reach Age 62?

I am about to be 62 in one month, and I’ve been receiving survivor’s benefits since I was age 60. ( I was married to my ex spouse, who was murdered at age 55, about 15 years after our divorce, and who was not yet receiving any type of SS. He and I both never remarried, although he lived with a woman for many years in a common law marriage state —- she is now claiming that she is his legal wife. ) At age 62, in a month, SSA told me I would be eligible for reduced SS benefits on my own earnings, which are higher than my deceased ex husband’s earnings.

Would I Be Able To Draw Higher Benefits On My Deceased Ex-Husband's Record?

I was married to my ex-husband for 28 years before divorcing. I remarried and so did he. He passed away about 8 years later and received SSD and a Veterans disability at the time of his death. Would I be able to draw his higher amount of SS since we both remarried? How can I find out how much that amount would be? I am 63 now and having a lot of health problems and would love to go ahead and retire and enjoy what time I have left.


Why Am I Not Getting As Much As I Was Told?

My ex-husband passed away in 2/2019. He was collecting his SS of $2,180.60. The representive informed me that I could collect $2,180.60 once I turned 66 in 10/2019 because I'm now 65 years old I could Now collect $2,120.10 NOW. it would be my choice. I choose to take the $2,120.10 now. Within a week later they placed over $2,000. in my bank account. The next week I received a letter indicating that I would only receive $1,798. I feel they are cheating me. What can I do about this? 1. What happen is me getting 100% since we were married over 10 years? 2.