Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Is It True That I Could Get Social Security Benefits If My Ex-Husband Dies?

I have heard someone say this is true that I can get the social security benfits when my ex husband would pass if i were 65 I am 61 right now and we were married 13 years and divorced and i did not ever remarry And i would get money before his ex wife too is this or has this any truth to ti.


Should I Have Signed Up Sooner?

My ex husband passed away in 2016. He was born in 1944 I was born in 1955 we were married for 19 years. I never remarried. Social security mailed me a benefit matrix of how much I would receive. I wanted to start my benefits in January 2021.the amount on the matrix shows $1847 at full retirement 7 2021. I also called a few months ago and was told the amount would be around $1900 I made a appointment to sign and was told the amount would be $1590' how can this be should I have signed up sooner. I am still working but would like to retire or cut back on hours.

Am I Eligible For Survivor Benefits From My Ex-Husband Under The First Wives Rule?

My ex husband and I began to live together in 1963 in Cleveland Ohio, we had two children born while we lived in Cleveland and later had a third child in WV. We later got married in Maryland and divorced 7 years later. I have never remarried but he did and he just died this year and he and his second wife had been separated for nearly 7 years. I am wondering if I am eligible for his benefits under the first wives rule?

How Much Is My Husband's Ex-Wife Entitled To When He Passes Away?

I have been married to my husband for 13 years. His ex wife in FL was married to to him for 12 years before they divorced. At current time I am 67 yrs old and she is either 59 or 60 yrs old. My husband mentioned to me that it is possible that she can be entitled to his SS when he passes away. My question is, how much is she entitled to, since I have been married longer to him and she has not remarried.


Can An Ex-Wife Get Survivor Benefits If She Married Someone Else Before Her Ex-Spouse Dies?

If a. Man died and he on Social security and the woman is his Ex and she has got married before he died can she get his Social security


The only way that a surviving divorced spouse can be currently married and still potentially qualify for survivor benefits from the Social Security record of a deceased ex-spouse is if their current marriage took place when they were age 60 or older (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.04/handbook-0406.html).

Why Did My Benefit Amount Increase After My Ex-Spouse Died?

Why did my ex spousal benefits increase from $225 a month to $1,021 after the death of my ex spouse ?


Unreduced divorced spousal benefits are calculated at 50% of the worker's primary insurance amount (PIA). Unreduced surviving divorced spousal benefits are calculated based on either 100% of the worker's PIA, or if the worker drew Social Security retirement benefits prior to their death, the unreduced survivor rate is calculated based on the higher of a) 82.5% of the worker's PIA, or b) the worker's actual benefit rate.

Can A Divorced Spouse Receive The Same Amount That Their Deceased Spouse Was Paid?

If a divorced wife is collecting on a ex husband that is deceased can she receive the same as him? I was told I would be getting 100%. He retired just before he was 70. I know he was getting more than 100%. I think 8% for each year after he was 66. I retired at 66 and was collecting mine until he passed away because his was more. i was married 20 years. Thanks