Deemed Military Wages

How Does Social Security Know How Much Time I Spent In The Military Service?

if I did not turn in my dd214 when I applied for ss how does the ss admin know how much time I spent in the service


Starting in 1968, Social Security upgrading their computer system to identify active duty military wages and automatically apply the appropriate additional deemed military wages to the Social Security earnings records of those individuals. Therefore, you would only need to submit proof of your military service dates if you had any active duty prior to 1968.

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Is There Anything To This Receiving Benefits From Social Security For Being In The Military?

Is there anything to this of receiving benifits from Social Security for being in the military? I was just given the web site to check it out. I am already retired and was ask when I filed if I was in the military and given a $1.00 extra on my benifits. I am wondering were I check this out if there is anything to this at all. I went to This site does not say too much about it.


Any Suggestions As To How I Can Proceed To Get My Correct Military Credits?

I served in the military. I started out in the Reserves, then switch to Regular Army (AD) and after 10 years I returned to the reserves. I did an initial period of AD in 1975 of 4 months and 20 days. Each year I did anywhere from 13 days to 2 months AT/ADT until 1979 when I went on AD. I only did one AT in 1991 when I was in the Reserves. Social security states it already gave me credit for my AD, but when I compared the reported income the Social Security Admin stated I had going back to 1973, I could account for all my reported income to the IRS from 82-89.

Am I Able To Get $1200 For Military Service?

Am I able to get 1200.00 for military service ? Don't remember getting that


What you can get are Social Security credits called deemed military wages (DMW) of up to $1200 for each full year of active duty in the U.S. military from 1957 through 2001. These deemed, or extra, wages are then added to your actual wages for those years when determining your countable earnings for purposes of calculating the Social Security benefit rate payable on your record.