Deemed Military Wages

Where Do I Send My Proof Of Military Service?

I am retired, living in Australia and a Vietnam veterans. I am still a citizen of the United States. I receive some social security payments in conjunction with the aged pension from Australia. I understand that former military are eligible for payments due to their service but because I’m outside of the US do not know how to contact nor where to send my copy of the DD 214.


Can I Get Credit On My Social Security For Being In The Military?

I service in the military from 1964 to 1968. Can I get credit on my social security for this.


What you could get from Social Security are deemed military wages (DMW) for your periods of active US military service ( These 'extra' wages would then added to your actual wages when calculating your Social Security retirement benefit rate.

Is This Statement True?

Is the following statement true?
"DD 214 Increased Social Security Benefits for Vets"


That's possible, depending on your interpretation of the facts. Social Security granted deemed military wages (DMW) to people for periods in which they served on on active duty in the U.S. military prior to 2002. These deemed wages are then added to the veteran's actual wages when calculating their Social Security benefit rate.

Is There A Form That Would Show How Much Extra I Could Receive With Military Credits?

My question is, is there any paper work that you can obtain from social security office on the break down of your entitlement of benefits, to include your extra pay that you may receive for your military service, if so, which would be the the best way to obtain this form from them.


How Does Social Security Know How Much Time I Spent In The Military Service?

if I did not turn in my dd214 when I applied for ss how does the ss admin know how much time I spent in the service


Starting in 1968, Social Security upgrading their computer system to identify active duty military wages and automatically apply the appropriate additional deemed military wages to the Social Security earnings records of those individuals. Therefore, you would only need to submit proof of your military service dates if you had any active duty prior to 1968.

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