Deemed Military Wages

Shouldn't My Social Security Earnings Include Extra Credits For The Years I Was In The Air Force?

I served in the Air Force from 1979-1999. I have my December pay stubs for 95, 96, 97 showing what my end of year earnings were. When I look at my social security earnings for those years it only shows my earning nothing extra. Called social security and was told if I paid into social security I don’t get anything added unless I need that amount to qualify for social security. From all I have read that doesn’t sound right. I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject


How Do I Find Out If I'm Getting My Military Benefit?

How do i find out if i am getting my Miitary benefit.<?blockquote>


I assume that what you're referring to are deemed military wages (DMW). DMW's are extra wage credits that are added to the actual military wages paid to veterans for certain years in which they were on active duty ( DMWs are then considered when calculating the worker's Social Security retirement or disability benefit rate.

What Would You Advise?

Larry, I contacted SSA concerning military credits and was told there is no way to verify that I am getting the credit. I did verify my reported SS wages from W2 forms, and they are the same as on SS web site estimate, no difference showing credit. below is a transcript of my conversation with SSA concerning same. Please advise, Thank You!

Hi Brian,

Am I Eligible To Receive Extra Social Security Benefits For Having Served In The Military?

Am I eligible to receive extra social security benefits having served on active duty from Feb. 1956 to Feb. 1959?


Not necessarily. What you would be eligible for are military wage credits (MWC) and deemed military wages (DMW) for that period of time. Those extra wage credits could then be used in the calculation of your retirement benefit rate, which may or may not increase your rate depending on how much you earned in other years.