Widow's Benefits

Is It True That I Can't Claim Widow's Benefits If I'm Now Married?


I am a widow and remarried at age 60. I am now being told I cannot claim survivors benefits cause I am now married. Is this true?


Not if you remarried on or after your 60th birthday. A marriage that occurs at or after age 60 does not bar eligibility for widow's benefits. However, if you're remarried and your current marriage took place before you reached age 60 then you couldn't qualify for widow's benefits on a former spouse's record as long as your current marriage continues.

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Would My Widow's Benefit Rate Be Increased If I Don't Receive Some Of My Benefits Due To Excess Earnings?


If I am to start to receive widow social security benefits at age 60 in 2019. I understand that If I get a job and earn more than the amount allowed under Social Security's earnings test my benefits will be either fully or partially suspended due to my excess earnings. So say, I had no job in 2019, but made $20,000 in 2020 and $70,000 in 2021, but expect to have no earnings in the years after 2021.

Is What We Were Told Correct?


Hi Larry,

My husband filed for benefits today. He had 2 years of DRC's We were told that If I file for Spouse benefits now at 63 I will not be get his DRC's as a Widow no matter what my age is if he passes before I do. They say that bullet point C below explains this permanent reduction. Is this correct?

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Amount of Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefit
407.1How is the widow(er)'s benefit rate computed?

If I Take Spousal Benefits At Age 63 Would My Rate Increase To My Husband's Full Rate If He Dies When I'm 66 Or Older?


My Husband plans to take his delayed SS benefit soon at age 68. If I take the spousal benefit at age 63 would my future Widow benefit increase to his benefit amount if I were 66 or more at the time of his passing? Or would it be reduced because I took the spousal benefit at 63? I do not qualify for any benefit on my own record.
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Can My Wife Switch To Survivor Benefits When I Pass Away?



My wife is currently collecting her social security , she started at 62 and is currently 67. I have recently found out I have Stage 4 prostate cancer. I will be retiring form my job and I am 69 years old. I will start my social security in April. My social security will much more than what my wife's is, can she switch to survivor benefits when I pass away and will she did my amount ?


I'm sorry to hear about your illness. Best wishes throughout the course of your medical care.

If I Defer SS Benefits Until Age 70, Will My Wife Receive My Age 70 Rate Or My Full Retirment Age Rate As A Widow?


Larry: Here’s a scenario that I haven’t seen covered yet; My wife and I have both worked enough to qualify for Social Security benefits; My monthly benefit will be roughly double hers. She’s eight years younger than me and I expect her to live into her 90s. Unfortunately, I have health issues that will most likely prevent me from living past my early 70s. Given these probable conditions, here are my questions: If I defer SSA benefits until age 70, will my wife receive my elevated (roughly 128%) benefit, or will she only receive my 100% benefit in lieu of hers?

What Does My Wife Need To Do To Maximize Her Benefits When I Die?


Hi Larry & Jerry-

My wife began taking her benefits when she reached her FRA of 66. I am 18 months older than she is; once she reached her FRA and filed for her benefits I began taking my spousal benefit on her account.

As a result, I delayed taking my own benefit until I was 70 years old. Once I began taking my delayed retirement benefit she began to take her spousal benefit on my account which, when combined with her benefit, took her monthly benefit payment up to 1/2 of my PIA.