Widow's Benefits

Will My Widowed Friend Lose Money If She Remarries?


My girlfriend is 59 and widowed and no children. She has met a wonderful man and wants to remarry. Her mother,in her 80's, keeps telling her if she remarries she will loose money, and be unable to collect her deceased spouse's social security. I know that she probably has put in more money into SS than her deceased husband. We have tried to look online to answer this question, but it is confusing. What is the deal with collecting deceased SS?


When Can I Start To Collect On My Husband's Record?


I have been a widow for about a year now. I was born in 1958 am 60 now married over 41 yr. My husband lived like an was a dope feen. He was also on a medical retirement from Fords an recieving s.s which they told me i could not have because of my age at the time i filed an because i was not living with him at the time he died we never I divorced an i was never allowef to work so there is no s.s. for me from myself. When can i start to collect the $ owed to me, an is there $ owed to me. He always worked hard so i wouldnt have to struggle he said but s.s.

Can I File On My Husband's Record At Age 60 And Continue To Work?


I am currently a 50 year old widow, and my husband passed away at 56 (last year). He recieved disablility confiration right before he passed away from cancer, so we never collected any money. We have always been a two income family (with me earning slightly more than my husband the last several years). Our child is 25 and lives at home while going to school full time for a master's degree.

If My Wife Files For Her Benefits Early Can We Be Certain That She Could Still Get My Full Rate As A Widow?


I started collecting SS at 62 because we had high school aged children which basically doubled my benefit. I am now 72 and my monthly benefit is about $2000. My wife, who worked until we had children, will be 62 in January and is eligible for a monthly benefit of about $850, which would increase to about $1,100 if she waits until she is 66.5. Our intention is for her to start taking her $850 a month in January when she turns 62.

How Can I Find Out If Social Security Calculated My Survivor Benefits Correctly?


How do I find out if SS calculated my survivor benefits correctly? My husband died in 2013. He was subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision. He contributed to SS for 29 years prior to working as a university professor for 10 years in NV. It is my understanding that his social security was reduced by 10% as a result of the WEP.

Would My Wife Get My Full Benefit Rate When I Die Even If She Files For Her Own Benefits Early?


I hope you can answer a question about Social Security Benefits.

I was the higher wage earner by about 2 to 1.
My wife, Rose is now 63.5 (BD 12/1954) years old and I just turned 67 (BD 05/1951) in May 2018.
When I run a Social Security Strategy, depending on the age variables used, one results in Rose filing
now for her benefits and I file a Restricted application for spousal benefits on her account and do not
apply for the benefit on my account until I turn 70 in 2021.

Should My Widow's Benefit Have Increased When I Was Determined To Be Disabled?


my husband died in 2013.
i received widows benefits in 2015 when i turned 60..

-i had applied for disability in 2012 but was denied over and over by the same judge-
final denial December 2015

i reapplied for disability without a lawyer
and was approved for disability dated back to December 2015,
the same month and year the judge denied me...???

**i was told my social security should have gone up[by friends ]