Suspending Retirement Benefits

Can My Husband Suspend His Benefits At Age 69?

I'm 55, my husband is 69. He started collecting at full retirement age (67, I believe). He has now started to do some 1099 subcontracting (construction) and his income plus his benefit plus my income is pushing us, I guess, into a higher tax bracket. He doesn't really "need" the social security benefit right now -- I know suspension is possible, but is it possible to suspend at age 69 (70 in December, born in 1947) and not start up again until he decides to REALLY quit working, meanwhile gathering work credits to potentially increase the eventual benefit?

Thank you!

Can My Husband File And Suspend?

My husband reached full retirement age yesterday (3/15/2017). He has been on Social Security benefits for 2 years. He wanted to file and suspend his benefits until he is 70. The Social Security office told him he can't do it. Is this true? BTW, I was born 10/31/1958 and will have estimated full retirement benefits on my own work history of about half of his.
Can he file and suspend??


Yes, your husband can voluntarily suspend his benefits. He's already filed, though, so he doesn't need to file and suspend.

Will I Still Be Allowed To Suspend My Benefits At Full Retirement Age If I Receive Disability Benefits?

Hi Larry,
As everyone else I'm amazed with the confusion that you point out in your book.
I have been receiving ssdi since 2/2015 , the maximum, which happened shortly after my 62 nd birthday. DOB 1/13/53 At my attorneys advice, I applied mid November for both ssi and ssdi. I was approved ssdi shortly afterwards.
My wife DOB 12/01/55 worked and at FRA could collect approx. 1400 a month.
Because I filed for ssi with ssdi have I removed the option of suspending my payment at my FRA until 70 years old to allow a larger benefit for my wife?

What Happens If I Collect From Age 66 To 68 And Then Suspend My Benefits?

I just turned 64 this year. In two years when i am at full retirement age can collect my social security for two years, suspend it, continue to work and pay into my social security untii age 70? Can you please explain how this would work. I have a credit card debt that needs to be paid off. Thank you!

Hi Brad,

Can I Suspend My Retirement Benefits When I Turn 66?

I have been receiving social security disability benefits. I will turn 65 years old this year. Is there a way to increase my retirement benefits by suspend them when I turn 66 and wait until I am 70 to start collecting?


Yes, effective with the month that you reach age 66, you can suspend your retirement benefits and resume drawing them at age 70. If you suspend them for the full 4 years, your benefit rate will be 32% higher when your benefits resume at age 70.

How Does My Husband Go About Suspending His Benefits?

Having recently (2010) been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I filed for SSDI in 2011 (denied) and again in 2013. My husband had to start collecting early retirement as I was unable to work. My SSDI claim was finally approved in 2016. I read in your book about having to claim early due to hardship/recession and when turning 66 it may be good to suspend benefits until age 70. Is that correct? If it is correct, my husband turns 66 in February 2017 so does that mean he has to notify SSA to suspend benefits by the end of January 2017?

Can I Suspend My Benefits At FRA And Draw Spousal Benefits?

I am currently 59 yrs. old and have been receiving SSDI for 15 years. I understand that my SSDI benefits will revert to SS retirement benefits at age 66 yrs. old. I am married and my 69 yr. old husband is still working full time. My question is once my SSDI benefits convert to SS retirement benefits at age 66 yrs. old is there a way to suspend collecting my SS retirement benefits at that time in order to receive a higher amount of SS retirement benefits when I am 70 yrs. old? Can I at age 66 yrs. old claim SS retirement benefits on my husband's SS benefits?

When Should I Submit My Request For Suspension Of Benefits?

I am currently recieving disability benefits, will be 66 in jan 2017 i went to the local social security office today to suspend my benefits at fra in order to recieve drc originally ssa agent said since i have recieved disability could not recieve drc, but upon ssa agent checking with someone else was advised i could recieve drc but could not apply/suspend until i have reached fra i was given a form ssa-795 looking again at a link you had sent me previously - ssa/voluntary suspension faq #1- it is saying suspend the month before payment is due (jan benefit = feb payment) so am