Suspending Retirement Benefits

How Can I Dispute What Social Security Told Me?

I am 65 year old man on disability with age 65 wife. I earned over twice what she did during career. I want to delay taking my retirement benefit @ FRA so it can grow through age 70. called local field office to discuss my situation before submitting application this December.. Was told I'm ineligible for delay option because my disability amount was already set @ maximum amount. Sounds incorrect based on your previous answers. How to dispute it?


How Will Our Benefits Be Affected If I Voluntarily Suspend My Benefits?

My question concerns voluntary suspension of benefits. I started taking my Soc Sec benefit at age 62 (birth date 01/22/1952). I am now 66 which I believe is my full retirement age. If I was to request a voluntary suspension of my benefit would the amount of my benefit increase during the time it's suspended until I resume taking it at age 70? If so, how much? Also, my wife (birth date 5/10/1951) has been receiving a spousal benefit in addition to her own benefit since I filed at age 62 . How will she be affected if I decide to suspend my benefit?

Should My Husband Wait Until After His 70th Birthday To Unsuspend His Benefits?

Thanks to you and your great book, my husband filed for his full retirement benefits and suspended his benefits on 11/16/2015, a day after his 66 birthday, hoping to leave them there until he's 70. We've heard if you tell SS that you want to unsuspend even a month before you turn 70 that SS will automatically give you a lump sum check for 6 months or more, and reduce your benefits as if you had filed 6 months earlier. Should you wait until after your actual 70th birthday to unsuspend so you get the full 4 years of benefits.

Is Suspending Her Benefits A Good Choice For My Friend?

Hello, I am asking this for my friend Diana who will be 66 in August 2018. She currently receives social security and did so at age 62. She had a tragic fall and actually cut her arm badly and it had to be reattached. She was a hairdresser...and could not work any more. She finally got back on her feet and is working although not paid a high wage. She stays below the $16000 threshold. She would like to perhaps "suspend" her social security payments when she turns 66 until age 70, as her monthly amount is so reduced. Do you feel this is a good choice for her?

Is There A Chance That I Won't Get My Benefit Increase If I'm Getting Divorced?

Hello Larry,
I started taking my SSI benefit when I turned 66 while I was still working full time. The taxes are killing me. I want to suspend my SSI benefit and resume it later at a higher rate.
I am currently going thru a divorce. Divorce papers have been filed but not served.
Am I in danger of not having my benefit increase because of the divorce? Wife currently has a survivor payment if something happens to me. I don't think she will get any more of my SSI benefit in the divorce. She has a good pension and I don't.

How Many Times Can You Suspend Your Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Hi, How many times can you suspend your Social Security retirement benefits? For example, I would like to start taking Soc Sec retirement benefits at age 66 (full age), then try to see if I can get a job, and then suspend benefits until age 70. However, if I have to stop working, could I then start benefits again before age 70, start receiving the benefits, and then if I get another job suspend the benefits again. Can I do this, or can I only suspend Soc Sec retirement benefits once? How many times can I do this before age 70, if need be? Thank you


Can I Draw Retirement Benefits For A Few Months And Then Suspend Them?

I will be getting SSDI starting in March, at age 65, with backpay for 3 years. I will turn 66 end of June, and the SSDI will convert to SS retirement benefits automatically. Question: Can I agree to receive the converted Social Security retirement benefits for a few months, and then suspend the benefits for a while, possibly up to age 70? Am I right that if Ii suspend, I won't have to pay back any retirement benefits I have received?