Does My Husband Need To File For Benefits Or Will They Start Automatically?

Apr 5 2019 - 12:03pm

My husband will be turning 70 this month. He is still working but plans to stop in the near future. In 2016 he filed and suspended, and I began spousal benefits at that time. I also will be turning 70 in July. Does he need to file for benefits beginning this month, or do his monthly Social Security benefits automatically begin on the day he turns 70? Any advice you may give us is greatly appreciated.


If your husband already filed for and suspended his benefits they should start automatically effective with the month he reaches age 70, so if that's April then his first payment would be due in May. Your spousal benefits won't change when your husband starts drawing his benefits, but if you would be eligible for a higher benefit rate based on your own work record you would want to file your Social Security retirement benefits no later than effective with the month you reach age 70.

Best, Jerry