Suspending Retirement Benefits

Can My Wife Suspend Her Social Security And Then Restart Them At Age 70?

Here's my scenario:

... My wife turned 64 on Sept 9, 2020. (born in 1956)
... She files now for early SS
... I was born in 7-28-53... so I file for SPOUSAL BENEFITS on her SS
... when I turn 70, in 2023, I take my FULL SS.
... can my wife then SUSPEND HER SS. (She will be past her FRA) and then let her SS grow until she turns 70 and then claim ???

thank you so much.


we are getting conflicting answers from SS & our financial adviser

Hi Leslie,

Can I Suspend My Benefits When They Convert To Retirement Benefits At My FRA?


I know my SSDI benefit will end when it automatically converts to retirement benefits at my FRA.- age 66, 3 months. I recently inherited some money and want to know if I could suspend receipt of retirement benefits at FRA, live off of the inheritance and then collect higher retirement benefits when I turn 70.



Have The Rules Changed On Voluntarily Suspending Benefits When Disability Benefits Convert To Retirement Benefits?

My husband has been collecting disability. Later this month he turns 66, his full retirement age and his disability will convert to social security. After reading an article you published in Forbes we called to suspend his social security payments and were told that he could not do so. Have the rules changed since you wrote that article in 2015?
Thank you


Would I Have To Repay What I've Received If I Go Back To Work?

I recently took early retirement benefits at 62. I’m planning on returning to the workforce. I’d like to stop my benefits so that I can put off retirement until I’m 70. Would I have to repay Social Security back what I’ve received from them before I can get back on track towards receiving the maximum amount when I’m 70?


Do I Have To Pay Back The Benefits I've Received In Order To Suspend My Benefits?

I reached FRA of 66 just yesterday, 9/6/19. I filed a few months early though in March 2019 and got my first check in April. I now want to suspend my benefits without repaying what I’ve received thus far. I called SS back in July and was told to wait until I turned 66 and I would be eligible then. How ever, when I called yesterday I was told I’d have to withdraw and pay back the monies. That’s 2 different stories. Which is correct? I can’t afford to pay back.


Would The Fact That I Previously Withdrew An Application Prevent Me From Voluntarily Suspending My Benefits?

I began taking my Social Security benefit in February 2017 at age 63; then withdrew my application in October 2017 at age 64 and fully repaid the benefits since I became employed and did not need the benefit at that time. I am now (August 2019) age 66 and may be laid off later this year. If I start taking my benefits again in December 2019, will I be able to suspend if I become employed again or did the withdrawal and repayment negate my ability to suspend?


Is It Possible To Start Your Social Security Early And Then Put It On Hold?

Is it possible to start your social security either early (at age 65) or at full retirement age and then put it on hold, if, say, you get a new job and that gives you an opportunity to strength the benefits you will receive later?
I was trying to understand what was meant by file and suspend, and it doesn't seem applicable to me. Thank you.


What Will We Need To Do When I Turn Age 70?

When my wife turned 66, I filed and suspended ( I was 68) so that she could claim spousal benefits on my income. My wife was born in 1951, so she was grandfathered in, even though the law had just changed to prevent this possibility. Now I am approaching 70. Soon it will be time for me to unsuspend and start taking benefits which means that she will have to simultaneously end her spousal benefits. If we do this online, can we trust the Social Security Administration to get the timing right?

Can A Person Who Filed And Suspended Their Benefits Before April 30 2016 Still Get An Excess Spousal Or Survivor Benefit?

I'm confused about what a person who is 'grandfathered' - born before 4/30/1950 - who filed and suspended before 4/30/2016 can do in regards to receiving auxiliary benefits while their own benefits are suspended. Even though they are grandfathered, must they un-suspend their benefit in order to collect the spousal or survivor benefit, and then only receive their own benefit plus an excess benefit? Or can they remain suspended and receive only the excess while their DRCs continue to accumulate?