Suspending Retirement Benefits

How Many Times Can You Suspend Your Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Hi, How many times can you suspend your Social Security retirement benefits? For example, I would like to start taking Soc Sec retirement benefits at age 66 (full age), then try to see if I can get a job, and then suspend benefits until age 70. However, if I have to stop working, could I then start benefits again before age 70, start receiving the benefits, and then if I get another job suspend the benefits again. Can I do this, or can I only suspend Soc Sec retirement benefits once? How many times can I do this before age 70, if need be? Thank you


Can I Draw Retirement Benefits For A Few Months And Then Suspend Them?

I will be getting SSDI starting in March, at age 65, with backpay for 3 years. I will turn 66 end of June, and the SSDI will convert to SS retirement benefits automatically. Question: Can I agree to receive the converted Social Security retirement benefits for a few months, and then suspend the benefits for a while, possibly up to age 70? Am I right that if Ii suspend, I won't have to pay back any retirement benefits I have received?

Can I Suspend My Benefits At Age 66 If I Started Drawing At Age 62?

I took my social security at 62. I am now 66. I am reading your book. I have been told by 3 people at social security I cannot suspend my social security payment because I took it at 62. My wife is 63 and has not filed for anything yet. If she does not claim her benefit we have to take the money from our retirement IRA where we lose the investment and have to pay taxes. Is there anything I can do to improve my benefits? Should my wife take her benefits?


What Do I Need To Do If I've Already Filed For And Suspended My Benefits?

Larry - I did a file and suspend at age 66 (about two years ago) so my fife could file for a spousal benefit. I plan to continue to delay filing for me until I turn 70 (19 May 201). I have Two questions. (1) When should I file my application, and (2) what month will I receive my first check? Thank You in advance. Jerry

Hi Jerry,

Can I Voluntarily Suspend My Benefits At FRA?

I am drawing social security disability insurance benefits. My date of birth is 01/15/1953. It won't be much longer and I will be 66 and I will want to suspend my social security retirement benefits until age 70. How does my ssdi affect this as it will automatically convert to regular ss retirement benefit at age 66? I have read that you can not suspend benefit once you have started them. Will I be given an opportunity to suspend my ss retirement benefits before my ssdi ends?