Suspending Retirement Benefits

Can I Suspend Benefits Without Paying Back What I've Already Received?

Thanks for taking this question. Have been getting conflicting answers from 2 different CFPs so here goes. I turned 66 this past August 2016. Applied for and begin receiving my Soc Security benefit at that time. Now 4 months later I realize I do not need the money at this time. Wife is 62 and is entitled to her own benefit which is higher than mine. We plan not to have her apply till age 70. She is not collecting any kind of Spousal Benefit.

Can My Husband Take Retroactive Benefits Now And Still Be Allowed To Suspend His Benefits Later?

My husband turned 66 May 5 and didn't file for Social Security, thinking he would try to maximize his total monthly benefit by waiting. However we have had a financial crisis and he now needs to apply. If he takes the 6 months retroactive benefits (which would help us through this emergency), but then got the job he has been hoping to get hired for sometime in 2017, could he suspend his monthly benefits and start re accruing the 8% per year again?

How Do I Go About Suspending My Benefits?

I am writing social security to suspend benefits however the only address they list is for public inquiries and am unsure if this is the correct place and for email it said not to include a social security number, so not that and for online, suspending benefits was not one of the choices from their drop down menus want to make sure i do this correctly thank you once again


How Do I Go About Requesting Voluntary Suspension Of My Benefits?

Hi, I am currently recieving disability benefits, and will reach fra in just a few weeks (4 jan 2017). To recieve drc when do I need to notify soc sec in Nov or Dec? Do I say effective with fra benefits? or suspend fra benefits? Having read the questions regarding drc benefits am quite confused. If I claim at age 70, would my full drc be included in the Jan 2021 benefit? and if I claim somewhere between fra and age 70, would I first recieve the fra amount with a retroactive adjustment to reflect the drc at a later date?

Can I Suspend My Benefits If I Get A Job?

I started receiving my social security benefits at age 62. I am now 63 and am finding that I need to go back to work to offset our health insurance costs and lower farm income because of commodity prices. My husband is self employed and also 63. He is planning on taking his social security at 66. If I get a job, can I suspend my social security benefits until age 66?


Is It Still Possible To Suspend and Restart Benefits?

I read Mr. Kotlikoff's article "The Huge Payoff from Claiming Social Security Wisely" dated July 29, 2016. Case No. 2 closely resembles the situation for my husband and me. The article states that Liz, the lower earning spouse who claims at 62, could suspend her benefits at 66 and restart at a 32% higher rate at age 70. My understanding is that under the new Social Security rules, it is no longer possible to suspend and restart benefits. Am I wrong?


Can My Spouse Suspend before FRA?

Hi, my husband took SS at 62 on June 15, 2015. approx. $1500/mo DOB 06/1953 He receives a Pension also. approx. $1500/mo. Is he eligible for suspending his SS at this time (July 11, 2016)? I am 65, but had been receiving SS Disability since 1994. approx. $900/mo with Medicare Part A & B DOB 12/1950. Can you help us reduce our income: he has to pay COBRA Health Ins at $2100/quarterly + deductible & co-pays. until he's 65. Lowering our AGI would help us under ACA Law Thanks, Rebecca

Should My Husband Suspend His Retirement Benefit


My husband started receiving SS at 65 and 8 months. He is now
69. He has and is still working full time. Would his benefits increase if he
suspended SSC benefits and restarted in 6-12 months? He will be 70
in 2017.

Your husband can and probably should suspend immediately. He'll boost his benefit by 8/12 or .67 percent for each month he suspends between now and 70.

best, Larry

I'm 68. Should I Suspend My Retirement Benefit?

I'm 68 and took my ss at age 62. is there anything in your program than can help me to get more money? best, Ralph

Hi Ralph,

If you just turned 68, you can suspend your retirement benefit immediately and restart it again at 70 at a 16 percent permanently higher value. But if you turned 68 some months ago, the benefit to suspending will be smaller. Our program will calculated exactly what you gain from suspending on an annual as well as lifetime basis.