Suspending Retirement Benefits

How Does My Husband Go About Reinstating His Benefits?

My husband filed and suspended before April 30, 2016 at age 66. He is turning 70 in October and wants to apply to reinstate the benefits that he voluntarily suspended and obtain a lump sum payment for those 4 years. Can he apply online? How many months in advance of his 70th birthday in October? Is the entire lump sum subject to income tax withholding? Thank you.


Can I Suspend My SS Benefits Until Age 66?

Hi Larry: I will turn 63 March of this year. I started taking my social security October 2018. I currently have it going to a high yield savings account. I have a small C corp business which I make enough to live on. I am also planning on getting married to a 77 year old man who is also working and collecting social security. I am beginning to think, after reading some of your responses that maybe I should have waited until at least age 66.

My questions are, can I suspend my ss benefits until age 66, and will getting married affect my benefits?

Does An Un-Suspension Count As An Application For Benefits That Can Be Withdrawn?

After receiving Social Security disability benefits, I suspended retirement benefits starting the month I reached full retirement age, to earn delayed retirement credits.

Well under a year ago, I un-suspended benefits for two months, then re-suspended them.

Does the un-suspension count as an application for benefits for the purpose of filing a form SSA-521? If possible, I would be interested in repaying the two months of benefits received and earning the additional delayed retirement credits.


Is It True That You Can Start Drawing Benefits Before Full Retirement Age (FRA) And Still Suspend Them When You Reach FRA?

Is it true that if you are single (never married) and take your social security early, before your full retirement age, and you can still suspend you benefits when you reach you full retirement age? If you can suspend at your FRA, do you have to repay all the benefits you already received? Also, is your payment locked into the rate you received with early retirement?


Must I Wait Until Age 70 To Resume My Benefits If I Voluntarily Suspend Them?

Dear Larry,
I will reach full retirement age in Feb 2019.
I am currently receiving SSDI, that will convert to retirement benefits.
I have read theQ&A(Aug 6 2016 - 11:30am) Answered by Jerry.
"Can I Prevent The Conversion Of My Disability Benefits To Retirement Benefits At Age 66?"

I want to voluntary suspend my retirement benefits, and I plan to do this before Feb 1.

Can My Wife Voluntarily Suspend Her Benefits Online?

Planning ahead for possibility of delayed retirement benefits for spouse who is 62 and currently receiving SSDI. Have had two phone interactions with SocSec and one in person. One of the phone reps and the in-person rep simply stated that it could not be done, implying that spouse had already gotten a deal on the level of his SSDI payments. Quoted the POMS section you referenced in an archived answer to the guy on the phone, asking for his interpretation.

Should I Receive A Notice If My Benefits Are Due To Be Reinstated?

I had my benefits suspended about three years ago. I just turned 70 last week. I understand my benefits should start next month automatically. However, I have not received any notification or see any information in my account "online" about payment next month or the amount of benefits..
Am I not to receive any notification or it should not be showing "online" in my account?
Can you please provide tell me if this is normal? What should I expect?


Can My Wife Refile Using Her Own Earnings Record?

In Nov of 2018 I reached my FRA of 66; my wife will reach FRA in Jan, 2019. Both my wife and I began receiving our reduced benefits in 2013, at age 62. It was our understanding at the time we applied that her benefit was based on my earnings record. In a conversation with a local S.S. rep since then, I was told that my wife's benefit was based on her own earnings record, not mine. With that confusion as a lead-in, I have returned to work and I intend to suspend my benefit until I reach age 70.

Why Can't I Get Information About My Benefits Online?

Hello, I voluntarily suspended my SS at age 66. I was on SSDI until 66. I want to start my benefits late in 2019, but on there is no info. It just says that I receive no benefits. So I can't check my PIA with the increase from 2017 and the new one that is effective for 2018 and can't apply for benefits. I don't know why. Thanks