Retirement Benefits

Is There Anything I Should Know Before Contacting Social Security?

I will turn 70 on Jan 2, 2018. Is there anything I should know or be aware of before I contact social security to start my benefits in Jan. 2018?


One thing that you should be aware of is that you will be asked what month that you wish to start receiving benefits, and you will have the option of choosing to receive up to 6 months of back pay. However, starting your benefits effective with any month prior to the month you turn age 70 would result in you receiving a permanently lower monthly benefit rate.

Aren't I Entitled To My Own Retirement Money?

My husband died Active Duty when he was 31and I was 25 at the time. I'am 63 now I have been receiving VA for widows. Have worked all these years. How would taking my SS retirement benefit for myself work, aren't I entitled to my own retirement money.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Yes, if you've worked long enough to be insured for Social Security benefits then you should be eligible. I'm not an expert on VA benefits, though, so I can't tell you whether or not drawing Social Security would affect your VA widow's benefits.

Does It Sound Like I'm Getting The Right Amount?

i am now almost eighty in 4 months been drawing social security since 62 i never thought I was being paid enough so after all these years I ask they told me that they would re figure it again I now get 1550 they take out 100.00 medicare end up getting 1450 I took 35 years of highest wages it came out to using their figures 1,047,652.00 does this seem it is correct i know taking it early u get a lower amount but i had pretty good salary


Will My Earnings After Full Retirement Age Be Used To Calculate My Benefit Rate?

I am still working, turning 70 in October, and not drawing social security. Since I took my current job at age 66, I received a good increase in my salary. There have been no changes or increases indicated on my annual social security projections from the SSA for the last four years; and I am wondering if my future social security payments will reflect these higher earnings or if they will only be based on my earnings record until I reached "full retirement age." I have not seen this question anywhere and I thank you for addressing my issue and concern.

Is There Any Advantage To Continue Working Until Age 62?

If I have made the maximum social security earnings for the past 35 years and I am financially secure outside of depending on my future social security benefits, does it make sense to work past 58. I am a FERs employee and plan to collect my social security @70. Is there any advantage to keep working to 62 & would I get a bigger benefit from social security? Love your book! thanks Steve.

Hi Steve,