Retirement Benefits

Why Is My Benefit Rate Less Than The Maximum Possible Amount?

Mr. Kotlikoff, good afternoon. Thank you for providing this service to ask questions about social security.

My question is about the maximum (retirement) social security benefit amount, which I understand is $3,770.00 per month in 2019. Through my online research, I've concluded that only two (2) criteria are necessary to qualify for the maximum benefit amount: 1) delaying benefits until age 70 and 2) having a record of at least 35 years of earnings where the earnings amount meets or exceeds the maximum earnings amount subject to social security tax. Is that correct?

How Does $0 Income For 8 Years Affect My Benefit?

When I was down sized out of a job at 62 (FRA 66) I elected to take spousal benefit at age 66 and continue to delay receiving benefits on my record. The last benefit estimate I had showed me receiving $2282 @ 66 doing the math $2282*1.32 I would receive $3012 + COLA . Is this correct? How does $0 income for 8 years effect my benefit. I can't get a benefit estimate from SS online because I receive spousal benefits. Will SS give me the benefit amount over the phone or at a SS office?
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Which Indexing Factors Are Used To Calculate A Person's Benefit Rate?

Hi. I hope you can answer this question that the SS website doesn't seem to answer. Let's say a person quits working sometime before their 62nd birthday. At 62, they file for Social Security benefits. The monthly benefit can be calculated using that year's form 05-10070 and Index Factors. If a person decides not to file, until age 64, does that original 'retirement age' (Step 6) get recalculated using current year index factors, or is that original number the one that is used for the adjusted 64 year old's benefit amount? Thank you!


Is It Correct That My Benefit Rate Would Be Permanently Reduced If I Return To Work At A Lower Paying Job?

I worked for 28 years under Social Security. I was fired at age 52, and have not worked in over 10 years. If I go back to work now, after have no Social Security credits for over 10 years and take a job at less than half my former pay, I was told my Social Security retirement benefits would be permanently reduced and it is better to have no credits on your record than take a job at half your former pay. Is this correct?

Why Did I Get Different Benefit Estimates From Social Security?


I'm 60 and single. Have about 19 years employment (was disable for many years with a smattering of employment (about from 1975 to 1980). I'm at about $72000 p/year now.

I went to my SSA online and used calculator which said I'd get $1,122.00 at 62, ($1,083 if I stopped work now and claim at 62), $1,784 at 66 and 8 mths (full retirement.

Can I Increase My Benefit Rate If I Continue Working Past Age 70?

Hello, Larry.
I am wondering if a worker's social security benefits increase beyond age 70. Do earnings after age 70 figure into the benefits calculations? I was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years during which time I had zero income of my own and am curious as to if it is too late to increase my SS benefit. I will turn 66 this year.


Which Earnings Years Will Social Security Use To Calculate My Benefit Rate?

I am 62 and plan to work until my full retirement age of 66 and 4 months. Will SS calculated my earnings thru 66 and 4 months to gather the highest salary that i have earned? I heard that once you turn 62 no matter how much you make after 62 it is not included on the calculations for your monthly SS earnings. I hope this is wrong since my earnings will probably be the highest between now and 66 and that is one of the reasons i hope to stay working until 66.
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Can You Clear Up My Confusion?

I am using your very useful software, but I have a general question - I'm filing for the first time (age 70 in early January) and one of the most confusing questions on the SS online form is: "What date should benefits start?" I presume 01/2019 not the following month. I read on AARP that eligibility starts the month AFTER your birthday. Confused. Can you clarify? Many thanks.