Retirement Benefits

Will My Earnings After Full Retirement Age Be Used To Calculate My Benefit Rate?

I am still working, turning 70 in October, and not drawing social security. Since I took my current job at age 66, I received a good increase in my salary. There have been no changes or increases indicated on my annual social security projections from the SSA for the last four years; and I am wondering if my future social security payments will reflect these higher earnings or if they will only be based on my earnings record until I reached "full retirement age." I have not seen this question anywhere and I thank you for addressing my issue and concern.

Is There Any Advantage To Continue Working Until Age 62?

If I have made the maximum social security earnings for the past 35 years and I am financially secure outside of depending on my future social security benefits, does it make sense to work past 58. I am a FERs employee and plan to collect my social security @70. Is there any advantage to keep working to 62 & would I get a bigger benefit from social security? Love your book! thanks Steve.

Hi Steve,

How Are Reduced Benefits Calculated?

A friend of mine started receiving his social security benefit in August 2016. His 64th birthday was in December 2016, and he receives about $750 a month. He told me that someone said he would have received just as much if he had started his check in January 2016, because the payment is computed as of the end of the previous year. Is this true? I know that this is true for delayed retirement credits but that it is temporary. I know that, in the case of DRCs, eventually the full amount will appear in the monthly check, after it is computed at the end of the following year.

Will My Separation Be A Problem?

i am not divorced but we have lived seperatly for more than 5 years. i want to get my social security in january. ihave worked many years.i want my own social security. we are not legally seperated, is that going to be a problem?


No, the status of your marriage is irrelevant with regard to the Social Security retirement benefits you can receive on your own record. Before filing, you may want to consider running the maximization software available on this website in order to explore all of your filing options and determine your best strategy.

Are There Any Reasons Why My Sister Should Continue To Wait To File For Social Security Benefits?

Larry, I'm writing on behalf of my sister. She is having difficulty deciding to apply for social security benefits.
Sister is 71 and continues to work full time. Cheers for good health. Her husband, former Federal employee, is retired through permanent disability related to employment - OWCP. Sister lives in South Carolina, which I believe does not tax social security benefits. She is aware the benefit amount will no longer increase with age and that she will not receive benefits for the time period where she did not apply.