Retirement Benefits

Will My Husband's Earnings Since He Started Drawing Benefits Increase His Benefit Rate?

My husband started collecting his benefit at full retirement age and was still worki g and still is. When he retires in a couple years, the three or four years he worked and paid taxes, will it increase his benefit amount or will it stay the same. If it does I crease is it automatic or does he have to contact them and how?


How Can I Get An Estimate Of My Age 70 Benefit Rate Including My Projected 2018 Earnings?

I am 68 (birthday in November) and plan to delay taking my social security benefit until age 70. I will continue working at least through the end of 2018. I know my projected monthly benefit as of age 70, based on salary through 2017, per a call with Social Security this morning. I’m interested in a reprojection of my monthly benefit at age 70, based on including projected 2018 salary. Should I use your Maximize My Social Security software to enter my projected 2018 salary, in order to do this projection? Or can Social Security do this projection for me?

Can I Know How Much I'll Get At Age 70?

Larry, I am collecting my late husband SS benefits. I delayed my SS pays. Now I will turn 70yrs old on August. I want to collect my SS benefits.
Can I know how much I will get.


Yes, you could use our maximization software to calculate your retirement benefit rate, or you may be able to get that information directly from Social Security. Assuming that your own retirement benefit rate is higher than your survivor benefit rate, you'll almost certainly want to file for your own benefits effective with the month you turn age 70.

Why Am I Penalized For Starting Benefits At Age 62 Instead Of Age 70?

I filled for benefits at 62, retirement. Why is this so complicated? I've read your reasons. Isn't there anyone who is fighting for the people. Government workers don't pay into social security. That's the reason they don't care. Something's got to change. Why is it that I'm penalized to receive benefits at 62 instead of say 70. I'm sure you're aware of the dollar amount that the average person receives monthly. It's nothing compared to the cost of living. Why do other countries take care of their people and we don't. If I could I would help change the system.

Will Retiring At Age 60 Cause Me To Receive A Lower Benefit Than What Social Security Estimated?

My husband has been challenged with serious health problems and had begun withdrawing SS benefits at age 62, 4 years ago. He's 6.5 years older than me and I'd like to retire now, at age 60. If I don't contribute to SS over the next 2 years. I used the SS benefits calculator and it shows a benefit that shows " if I work until age 62, 66.7 & 70 years of age " amounts to be paid. My question is: will my benefit be reduced from the figure that the SS calculator if I don't contribute for the next 2 years? Thanks


Is It Possible For Me To Make Catch-Up Contributions To Increase My Social Security Benefit Amount?

I have worked overseas for over twenty years. As a result, my estimated monthly benefit when I start to claim would be around $200. I’m 58 and hope to keep working until 65. My wife has heard there is a way for me to “catch up” my social security contributions once we return to the US permanently. I’d be happy to make up twenty years of contributions if allowed. Would such a thing be possible? Thanks for any advice you can give us! Chris

Hi Chris,

Can I Retire Before My Full Retirement Age And Wait Until Age 70 To Draw My Social Security Benefits?

Hi Larry, If I should retire before I reach my 100% age of 66 years and 5 months, can I leave my SS benefit alone until age 70 but start to draw from my taxable 401K? (Leaving my Roth 401K alone). If I can do this would my SS Benefit grow by 8% per year until age 70?


Yes, and yes. Regardless of when you retire you can wait until age 70 to claim your Social Security retirement benefits, which would then increase by 8% per year from your full retirement age until you start drawing benefits at age 70.