Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Will WEP Affect Me?

Windfall Elimination Provision.
I am a British Citizen no a naturalized American. I moved here at the age of 48 in Aug 2001. I have 40 qtrs. and more on my SS record. I am entitled to a UK National Pension of about $800 per month. I have also contributed to my companies final salary pension plan pre tax since I joined them at 16, which should net me about $2300.00 per month.
How will the windfall elimination provision effect my US SS entitlement, are both these entitlements effected by the provision?

Will A Wife On WEP Status Be Able To Get Survivor Benefits?

The info i need is concern over a surviving spouse (wife) who is on WEP. The social security bearing spouse (husband) is not affected by her WEP. Presently, the wife is not entitled to spousal survival benefits because of WEP status.

What happens to the wife as surviving spouse upon the husband's demise? Will she be entitled to any social security benefits?

Thank you


Will I Be Able To Collect A Full Social Security Benefit?

My husband is 62 years old and recently retired from the police department and is collecting a pension and his social security benefits. His social security benefit was greatly reduced by the windfall provision. I am 60 years old and will not have a pension at retirement age. My social security benefits will be much higher than what my husband is now collecting in social security. When I retire will I be able to collect my full social security benefit?


How Will My South African Pension Affect My Benefits?

Hi Larry
We moved to the USA from South Africa in 2001 and have been working here full time since then. I resigned earlier this year and have just turned 62.
I receive a monthly government pension in South Africa since I was retired from the police service due to medically unfitness. I had almost 20 years service in the police and contributed to that pension plan the whole time. This pension is taxed in South Africa and gets paid into a bank account over there.
My question is twofold:

Should I Have Filed For Spousal Benefits Only?

I am a retired teacher with a Social Security Report that states I could get $621 in benefits. Yes, I am aware of WEP/GPO and what it will do. I went to Soc Sec to apply for spousal support, and the customer rep told me I should apply for my own also. I told her I thought that meant I would only get the greater of the two benefits, but she said that in my case it would not benefit me to wait until 70. (I am 66 in Dec). She said my $621 would be $276 after the 40% reduction and that is all I would be eligible for.

Does This Seem Fair?

Larry......I will be 70 in December 2017. I worked in the UK until June 1991. I was transferred in July 1991 by my company to the US....... I continued to pay Reduced NI contributions( to get a full pension) until 1995 when I then
became a U.S.employee on a U.S. package. I also became a US citizen.
National Insurance granted me a full pension and commenced paying me monthly when I was 66.
Social Security have insisted I apply for Soc Sec Pension at 70(I received enough credits to get a full US pension).

Can You Help With A Consultation?

Hi Larry, I worked 9.5 years in the US and about 20 years in Canada. I have 37 credits for SS. I qualify for the Canada Pension Plan. I am trying to figure out if it is better for me to use "Totalisation without WEP" -- or -- to return to work in the US (difficult since a specific Visa would be reqd) to gain 3 more credits (WEP reduction would then apply, I think). The WEP calculation is easy to find on SS website. I have not been able to find the totalisation calculation/formula to make the scenario comparison.

Can My Friend File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits?

Hello Jerry,

I am asking this for a couple friend of mine.

The husband is 71 years old, retired military, retired government service (FERS), and is receiving social security retirement. His wife is 69 years old, still working as a government service (CSRS).

My two questions: Can the wife file a restricted application for a spousal benefit on her retired husband without any penalties (GPO or WEP)? If the husband dies after the wife retires from CSRS, will she get any survivor benefits from her husband's record?

Why Does WEP Affect My Benefits And Can Anything Be Done?

My question is concerning the ‘Windfall Elimination Provision’ (WEP), the law that takes away part of your Social Security benefits if you had income (in the US) for which you did not pay into SS at the time.
As I only immigrated to this country in the middle of my life, I have worked in my original home country (Switzerland) for the first part of my life. Therefore I receive a small pension (or Swiss social security payment) which I earned before I ever was obligated to pay into Social security as this was before I ever set foot into the USA.