Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Am I Able To Collect Social Security From My Ex-Husband?

I was married for 21 years and have been divorced for 21. I retired from teaching with a pension but no social security as I only earned 37 quarters with odd jobs. Am I able to collect social security from my ex husband. I was told that if my pension is more than what I would collect from my ex husband's social security, the ss benefit from my husband is cancelled out. Is this accurate?


Was It Correct For Social Security To Reduce My Mother's Benefits?

My mother is a Hungarian citizen and the green card holder in the US since 1999. She worked full time in Hungary for 40 years and retired there lawfully at the age of 62, and started receiving social security benefit from there. Hungary did not have any type of pension or retirements at the time she worked there, so there was no way to accumulate any savings. She moved to the US in 1999 and has been continuously employed since, first part time, then full time.

Can The State Of Massachusetts Take Away Or Reduce My Social Security Benefit?

I work for the MBTA, recently I have read articles about MBTA pension fund be converted into Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System. MBTA pensioners pay into SS. I have only worked at the MBTA for 5 years. I have been paying into Social Security since age 16. I have over 47 Qtrs. Can the State of Mass legally, by converting the pension, take away or reduce my SS benefit that I have contributed too,over 40 the private sector?


How Will My Pension Affect Our Social Security?

Dear Larry, thank for taking my question. I'm almost 67, and my wife almost 66. I get State cum County pension of about $6500/-, I'm still working for my Corporation. My wife not working, her past SS statements show that she is already have enough credits for $ 1000/-. My SS statement show about the same. Due to my pension, how much it can effect our social security. What are our best options. Please guide. Thank you.


Do The WEP And GPO Rules Apply If I'm Not Yet Receiving A Non-Covered Pension?

Hi, I am turning 70 in Sept 2017 and have chosen to keep working because i enjoy it. I have not yet started taking my teacher STRS pension of about 4,000 per month, which i understand is subject to WEP and GPO rules. My wife will begin taking her ss at 70 in August 2017 and getting about 2,500 per month. My ss is about 1000 per month, based on about 20 years of work under ss. My questions are:
1) If i do not start my STRS pension, does WEP and GPO rules apply to my ss taken at 70?

Should I File Now Or Wait Until Age 70?

My wife, a Federal Gov't worker for 30 yrs was under FERS and CSRS, thus she is probably going to receive a small SS monthly check because of GPO and WEP. Would it be better to claim now (age 68) or wait until age 70 as we intended to do to get the largest amount? I am retired military with 28 yrs in the service for my country. I made about 1/3 more than she did through the years.


Why Can't They Simplify The Rules?

Thank you for your help on the GPO. I'm learning how any single SS document can be misleading. The POM you mentioned seems to simply and clearly answer the question. But it turns out there are other POM's on the GPO that give a more nuanced, updated and different answer. POM 400 sand IRS pub 963 say that there are exclusions and exemptions to the GPO for optional savings plans, if they meet certain conditions. Other things covered in the POM mentioned have also been changed. The problem is that there isn't an official single document addressing the GPO.

Is There Any Better Recourse Than Filing An Appeal?

My wife receives two payouts from the Ct. State Teachers Retirement Board (TRB): (A.) a Primary Monthly Benefit based on pretax mandatory contributions by both the state and her, whose payout is based on earnings and time in service plus and (B.) a Monthly Voluntary Account Annuity based on, elective, after tax contributions by her alone, whose payout is only the return of the contributions plus interest and is not part of the Primary benefit.

Am I Eligible For Payments From The UK And The US?

I work for a US Company, however I worked in the UK for 10 years after 5 years in the UK due to the Totalization Agreement with the UK my company stopped paying Social Security etc in the US and started paying into the UK system (from 2003 to 2007) now my US Social Security Statement shows 0 Earnings from 2003 to 2007. What should I do? Am I eligible for a UK payment as well as a US payment?

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