Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

The WEP Provision

My SS payment is being reduced as they are using the Windfall clause . But this is totally wrong and unfair! I paid into the Canadian system for 20 years and same for US . They are mutually exclusive meaning that my us payment was based on what I made in the US and vice versa. To put it differently when I started working on US in 95 my Canadian contribution became zero. Any other interpretations are criminally wrong! I am willing to challenge this to the Supreme Court as our rights are being abused.


Will My Social Security Benefits Be Affected If I Receive A Survivor Pension From My Husband's Work?

My husband currently receives a govt (USPS) pension. I have just filed to receive SS, and expect to receive $1200/month. He currently pays $350 a month, and has done so for 13 years, in order to insure that I can keep a portion of his pension if he passes before I do. It is not clear how much I will receive, but he currently receives $3000. I understand that if I pass first, my husband will probably receive no spousal SS benefit. But if he passes first, and I receive say $1500 in widow's govt pension, will this affect my own SS benefits? If so, by how much?

If I Elect To File For A Spousal Benefit Will The Benefit Be Subject To A WEP Reduction?

I would be subject to a WEP reduction if claiming benefits on my own record. My wife is claiming benefits and is NOT subject to WEP. If I elect the 50% spousal benefit, will the benefit be subject to a WEP reduction? Thank you.


First off, you couldn't claim just spousal benefits without also claiming your own retirement benefits unless a) you were born prior to January 2 1954, and b) you file for benefits at full retirement age (FRA) or later.

Why Can't I Draw Full Social Security Benefits?

I asked my Gov't rep but never receive an answer. I worked under social security approximately 20 yrs. I severed 4 yrs. in the US Air Force and worked at the Newport News shipbuilding beginning in 1959, AF 1960-1964, Shipyard 1964-1978. Worked under civil service under Civil Service Retirement. I had to pay back social security while I was in the AF. When I retired from the gov't I was only allowed to draw approximately one third of my social security.

Will My State Of MA Survivor Pension Cause An Offset Of My Social Security Benefits?

Hello Larry. Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on my questions. I've talked with the Social Security office a couple of times, as well as the State of Massachusetts retirement office, and I am getting differing answers. When I dropped in to my local SS office to ask questions in person I got two different calculations from the same representative and wasn't sure if any of it was correct.

How Will The WEP Provision Affect My Husband's Benefits?

I am a currently employed with US Govt- year 36- - under CSRS retirement and currently qualify for full retirement(30 years 55 yoa) but am still employed and currently 56 years of age. I have heard that it may make sense for my husband is almost 62 now to collect his SS early at 62 because of the Windfall Elimination Provision? Is there any truth to that. I think I understand that I won't receive any spousal benefits until I reach my full retirement age which is 67 - but how will that affect the WEP and his SS? Thank you!


Will GPO Be A Factor In My Plan?

I withdrew from the Louisiana Teachers Retirement System and moved into the ORP in 1993. My wife and I are both at Full Retirement Age. Our plan is for her to file for her SS benefits and for me to apply for spousal benefits. I will delay receiving benefits from my ORP until age 70 1/2 which will then trigger the WEP reduction on the SS benefit I receive. Will the GPO be a factor in this plan?


Will My Romanian Pension Affect My SS Benefits In The U.S.?

Hi Larry!
I was born in Romania, and worked there for 24 years. I moved to the US, became US citizen and worked for 25 years.
I paid social security taxes on both countries for the corresponding years worked in each country. I'm eligible for pension in Romania, but my concern is that it will reduce my SS benefits in the US. Is this true? All the information I found is confusing to me. Please enlighten me if you can.
Thank you!