Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Would WEP Apply In My Case?

I retired from municipal law enforcement after 25 years back in 2010 and began collecting my pension then. In this job I also contributed to social security. In 2013 I took a job with the State of Maine and began contributing to the state retirement plan. In approximately 6 months I become vested and quality for a benefit if I don't withdraw my contributions. I have read that the wep only applies to the primary pension. How would the wep apply if I stayed in the state pension system.

Will My SS Payment Be Subject To A WEP Adjustment?

A WEP related question, please. I worked overseas for an international organization many years and accumulated a pension that pays more than 50k annually. The pension is subject to U.S. taxes. During my time of overseas employment, I did not pay into social security. Prior and current work has qualified me to receive Social Security which I am eligible to draw on now, or postpone for a few more years when I reach FRA or 70, etc. Will my SS payment be subject to a WEP adjustment? My financial advisor said no; and, I think she is wrong.


What Should I File For And When?

I am confused! I heard of gop and windfall. I am a 64 year old teacher in Louisiana who worked about 10 years in the social security system as a secretary low wages. My spouse died at 70 and still working and collecting social security. I plan to retire at 66. Do I file for widows, survivors, my own social security, first, last, same time as my trsl? Is there a book that can help me? trsl retirement about 1600$ who could live on that? Help?


Wouldn't My Friend Be Able To Collect Widow's Benefits From Her Late Husband?

For a friend...her husband died 5 years ago at age 60 never having collected his social security. She is a retired teacher receiving Texas retired teacher monthly check...did not pay into social security. Would she not be able to collect a widow's benefit from her late husband? She was told no. Please advise. Thank you.


Will My UK Pension Affect My Spousal Benefits?

my husband is collecting social security .We are both originally from UK My husband has small private teacher pension and small government pension through paying in stamps while working there.He worked over here over 30 years and the Windfall Elimination Act did not affect him .I have a small pension from social security of 300 a month so I am looking to take spousal benefits which would be more as my husbands social security $2100 a month.

Can I Get An Unreduced Benefit Rate Until I Start To Collect My Teacher's Pension?

I will turn 66 (full retirement age for SS) in 2 months. I worked for 17 years and qualify for SS from that work . I have been working as a teacher for the past 15 years and have not paid into SS for that work. My question is , If I plan to teach for 4 more years before I collect my teacher retirement. Can I receive SS benefits while i am still teaching and not have it reduced by WEP until I start to collect my teacher retirement in 4 years?