Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Why Did My Husband's Benefit Stop?

My husband is receiving Federal Civil Service Retirement pension. We applied for and he was granted spousal benefits based on my Social Security earnings beginning Nov 2014. We knew he was not eligible for his own SS benefits due to the Windfall Elimination Provision. We are currently living out of the country and suddenly his benefit has been stopped stating he is not eligible due the this provision. We disclosed his status when applying and were told he was still eligible for spousal benefits. Can you explain the decision based on this information.

Can I Avoid WEP By Withdrawing My Contributions To My Employer Retirement Plan?

I am retiring from my County job (not paying SSI) where I have a defined contribution savings with County matching 10% of my contributions. I also have over 10 years of employment where I paid SSI. It looks like my defined contribution savings will reduce my SS benefits due to WEP. If I roll over just my contributions from the savings into a regular IRA before having the County convert the remainder into an annuity "pension" will this reduce the SSA WEP deductions from my benefit? Or will SSA just figure my IRA rollover is a lump sum pension and reduce my benefit more?

What Effect Does A Civil Service Pension Have On Benefits?

Both my husband and I are retired civil service. My husband has been on SS for about 4yrs. I will be 65 in Mar of this yr. 2017 and am not on SS. Can I claim SS under my husband next Mar 2018 when I am 66yrs and then claim my own SS at age 70 in 2022? Or claim my own SS at age 66 and half my husband's at age 70? Do you have info for me to read when both of spouses are retired civil service in order for me to make the best choice of how and when to take SS benefits?

Is My Wife Eligible For Benefits On My Record?

My wife worked for a school system in Texas (TRS) and has retired. She paid very little into Social Security in her life - mostly as part time work and never reached 40 credits. She was previously married for 35 years. It appears she is not eligible for spousal benefits on her previous husband. Is she eligible for a portion of mine? We have been married for 3 1/2 years. I am 70 and have been receiving benefits since 62. She is now 65.


Does WEP Affect Divorced Spousal Benefits?

* In 2015, at 66 (FRA) I filed a restricted application for SS, opting for a small spousal benefit on my current spouse's record, and deferring my own benefits till I'm 70.
* I've received a small Belgian SS pension since 2014 (age 65), ranging from $375 to $410 a month depending on the exchange rate. (10 years of work in Belgium with mandatory SS contributions, followed by 14 in the US with mandatory SS contributions -- leaving me with sufficient credits in both countries so that the totalization agreement with Belgium does not apply to me or make the WEP moot.)

Which Of My Pensions Would Be Reduced?

Lived in U.S. for approx 15 years paying SS Tax and worked in U.K. for approx. 4 years paying U.K. Retirement taxes. The rest of the time lived in England and received Disability Benefits. While receiving Disability in England, English Government credited contributions to U.K pension. but I made no contributions. Where do I stand with respect withholding . If withholding applies, which pension would be reduced? Thanks.


What Is My Best Strategy?

My husband passed away 2 months ago at age 64. I am still working at age 65 and paying into SERS .I used to pay into social security for about 20 years but after changing career paths I no longer pay into social security. My question is, can I collect my husbands social security now and keep working and paying into my SERS? I'm working because of my medical coverage but it would help to have his social security since he has passed and I no longer have his income to pay bills. I hope this makes sense I would greatly appreciate your answers.


Will My Spousal Benefits Be Affected By WEP?

I will reach FRA on June 4, 2017 ( I am not drawing Social Security). My spouse is 73 and has been drawing Social Security for several years. Her earning were not affected by GPO or WEP (she does not receive any non-covered pension). If I apply for a Restricted application to receive benefits based on her earnings record (and let my benefits accrue until I'm 70) will I still receive 50% of her amount even though my earnings would be affected by WEP when I apply on my own earnings record when I'm 70?