Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

When Should I Start Collecting Widow's Benefits?

I am 65 years old and turning 66 in May. My husband has been deceased since 2007. I am a school teacher in Florida and worked for 13 years. My husbands Social Security would be much more than mine . I am still going to work hopefully until I am 69. I am in a drop program. When I spoke to someone from Social Security, I explained that I would be taking my husbands benefits at 66. When I no longer work, I will be receiving a small pension.

Am I Correct That My Wife's Teacher's Pension Won't Affect My Social Security Benefits?

My wife passed away before I turned 60. I remarried one day after I turned 60 so I would be eligible to file for survivor benefits. My former wife paid into Social Security for 30 years. My new wife is a retired teacher and receives a teacher's pension and will never receive Social Security since her union opted out of Social Security. My understanding is that her teacher's pension will not impact the amount I receive in survivor benefits nor in retirement benefits when I turn 70 and file for my social security benefit. Is that correct?


Can I Still Get Spousal Benefits If I Receive A German Pension?

I am born, lived and worked nearly all my live in Germany. I moved to the USA in 2010 after marrying an US citizen. Now I am 64 years old. I have only worked 5 years part-time in the USA. Due to that fact and special regulations/laws in Germany I will be eligible for full retirement on 1st March 2017. Since about 2 years I am getting as well spouse's benefits from my husbands Social Security. (He is already retired.) I will not get any US Social Security benefits on my own account .

Will I Have Any Liability For WEP On Non-Covered Pension Income Received Prior To Starting Social Security?

I am drawing a pension from Canada. Part of it is for work for Canadian employers (CPP). And part of it is a benefit based on years of residence in Canada (OAS).

I have elected to defer my Social Security benefit for a couple years, when I turn 70. I know I am subject to the WEP then, although by then I will have 27 years of substantial contributions to SS.

Why Does The Maximize My Social Security Software Show Potential Survivor Benefits For My Wife?

My wife is a teacher in Connecticut covered by the State Teachers Retirement Plan and does not pay into Social Security. Maximize My Social Security shows that she will receive a survivor's benefit if I die first. I have paid Social Security Tax since 1975 and have substantial earnings since 1979. A financial planner told us that if I die first, my wife will not receive a survivor's benefit because she only has 9 years of substantial earning under Social Security and is subject to WEP and GPO. Why does Maximize My Social Security show the survivor's benefit for my wife?

Will My UK Pension Affect My US Social Security Benefit Rate?

i have pension from UK .worked in USA have worked 10 years ,have 10 ceadis . if i apply do i have to declare my pension i get from UK, if i declare would it affect UK pension,What is Windfall EP, does it affect me . i am thinking to moove back in UK. or India . Do USA/UK exchange my information.Please answer me asap as i have to travel as my mother is sick, i am 70 year old.please give me your Tele no so i can have consultation. thanks.