Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Do You Think This Is A Possible Interpretation?

Last June someone asked a question about this: What Is The Effect On Social Security If You Participate In 401(a), 403(b) Or 457 Plans?
Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO
Jun 12 2017 - 7:06am

It did not seem you actually answered their question, though. They said clearly that they were going to OPT OUT of their government pension and keep their social security. That would mean that their 457/401k/403b was supplemental as far as the employer is concerned.

Can You Briefly Explain The Mechanics Involved With Lump Sum Payouts In WEP & GPO Cases?

Subject: Early non-covered pension lump sum payout and its windfall elimination provision impact.
Category: Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

As a teacher, my wife worked in CA from '84-'91. Her non-covered CalSTRS pension vested at five years, thus after '86. A current projection of her SS covered years after that employment would be 22 years. My understanding is the windfall elimination provision will be applicable here. (And GPO if I pre-decease her.)

Will Receipt Of A UK Pension Affect My US Social Security Benefits?

I am 65 and started receiving social security in the US when I turned 62 based on my own employment history in the US.
I am eligible to receive UK National Pension from work history in the UK prior to moving to the States. I have not yet applied for it.
Will receipt of the UK National Pension affect by SS benefit currently being received?
Thank you for your help.


Does The Present Tax Bill Include The Elimination Of WEP?

Does the present tax bill include the elimination of the Windfall Elimination Program?


I don't know. I haven't heard anything like that mentioned, nor have I read the legislation. The Senate and House have each passed different bills, so the actual details of the bill that may eventually be passed into law remain to be determined.

Best, Jerry

Why Am I Subject To The WEP Provision?

I am a Canadian citizen and resident receiving Canada pension benefits from working there. I also worked part time in the US for 18 years paying US social security and medicare payments. This entitled me to a small pension from US Social Security. However the amount has been substantially reduced due to the WEP. Why should that be when clearly I would never have paid US SS on my Canadian earnings but do not see why the WEP should apply since I am not a US citizen. Thanks


Does Your Software Include Calculations For Federal Employees And Spouses Impacted By CSRS Offset?

Hi Larry and Jerry,
My husband is a high earning federal government employee. His social security and pension benefits are impacted by CSRS offset. My husband is 66 and will retire in about 2 years. Considering the offset, he calculates his social security benefit to be $2,500 monthly at age 68.
I have worked part-time most of my life, but now work full-time and qualify for a social security benefit based on my earnings of about $2,000 monthly at age 70.

Should My Wife File At Age 62 If She Expects To Receive A Survivor Pension From My Work?

I will be receiving a govt. pension from being a teacher in CA. I will be receiving only a small Social Security benefit (due to only 12 credited years and WPA and GPO). My wife is ten years younger and will collect a substantial portion of my pension when I'm gone - which will be much greater than her SS benefits (also affected by WPA and GPO when she gets my pension).

Is My Mother's GPO Calculation Correct?

Dad recently passed. My 74 yr old Mom retired from State of Mass with a small pension. Her pension check is comprised of two parts. One labeled pension and one labeled Annuity. The annuity portion from what I understand is her contributions plus interest. SSA is calculating her GPO including both parts. Should the GPO calculation include the annuity portion?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Will I Still Get Social Security When I Reach Age 66?

I'm 63 and still working. I receive widows social security 5 months a year. I also have worked under PERS for the last 20 years making around $10,000 a year. Will I still get social security when I reach 66?


That depends. If you have 40 quarters of Social Security coverage, then you could apply for retirement benefits on your own record. However, you could only receive the higher of your own benefit rate or your widow's rate, not both.