Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Will My Canadian Pension Reduce My Spousal Benefits?

I worked for 13 years in Canada, when I was a Canadian citizen. Now I would like to take spousal benefits on my husband's Social Security. My Canadian Pension monthly payments would be about $250 per month. Will Social Security reduce my husband's benefit and/or my benefit because of WEP or GPO?


No. Your Canadian pension wouldn't subject you to GPO (Government Pension Offset) since foreign pensions are exempted from that provision. Nor would your pension have any effect on your husband's Social Security benefit rate.

Best, Jerry

Does It Make Sense To Consider Choosing A Pension Option With Spousal Benefits?

I work for a school district and will receive a pension upon retirement. I have not paid enough into social security to have any benefits of my own, so I'm not concerned about the WEP. I have three plan choices, with my husband receiving no benefits, half benefits, and full benefits if I die first. Of course, the monthly pension is greatest with no spousal benefits (roughly $3200, $3000, and $2850 respectively under the three scenarios). My husband will receive social security benefits of about $2600 per month.

Is There Anything That My Grandmother Can Do To Get Social Security Benefits?

Hello Larry,

My grandmother who is 81 years old recently lost her husband that was receiving social security. She currently has a pension from UCLA Hospital and applied for my grandfather social security but was denied because she made too much. She only makes 1200 a month and her mortgage is 867 plus her car and insurance and other bills, the money she receives is not enough to cover all these obligation. Is there anything she can do to get social security benefits?


Can My Husband Collect Spousal Benefits On My Record?

My husband retired from the school system and is receiving a pension. He barely paid into SS so he receives a very nominal payment. I plan on retiring from my job early next year when I am 64. I don't plan on collection SS until I am 70. I am reading about spousal benefits but not quite sure I understand the process. Do I apply but defer and then he can collect spousal benefits?


What Effect Will My PERA Pension Have On My Railroad Widow's Benefits?


My husband passed away from cancer when he was 47. I'm now going to be 57 in December. I've worked for local school district for 32 years and can retire at anytime. At this time, I would receive $2,900 from PERA. The railroad retirement office said that at age 60, I can receive $263.00 in tier two payments but cannot receive tier one. So because I have worked I'm not able to collect anymore that $263 because my retirement is more than what my husbands retirement would be.

Does A Foreign Spousal Pension Trigger WEP?

Hi Larry,

Does a foreign spousal pension trigger WEP?
A US person who is eligible for SS benefits on her own account, but has also started receiving a foreign pension because she is the spouse of someone eligible for a foreign pension. She has never worked, in the foreign country, so the pension she get's is totally non-dependent on her previous work (it is dependent on her husbands previous work).



How Does The WEP Exception For Years Of Substantial Earnings Work?

Hi Larry
In regard to the WEP.
If you take SS at 71 continue working after age 71
in order to increase the years of substantial earnings
can you do that? At 71 the years of substantial earnings are
only 25 years. If I want to collect ss while I continue to work can I get to the 30 years of substantial earnings? ie do the years increase or does the clock stop ticking at 71 when I take my ss?


Will My Survivor Benefits Be Subject To WEP?

I was married for 23 yrs to my ex-husband. He is now deceased. Before his death he was receiving Social Security Disability. I want to draw off his SS as mine is very low. I only worked, paying SS taxes, from age 16 to 24. After that I worked for local government & so will retire with a government pension. (I had 40 credits & so did he.) My question is: will what I draw off his SS be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP) or any other law which would reduce the amount I can draw?

Shouldn't My Mother Be Able To Receive Widow's Benefits?

Dear Larry, My father age 85 just passed away and my mother age 81 has been denied his social security because they say she receives a pension. She does not receive social security but receives $300 a month in state teachers retirement. Shouldn't my mother be eligible for my deceased fathers social security even with the small pension she receives? His benefit is almost 4 times her pension.
Thank you.


I'm sorry for your loss.