What Happens To My Wife's Social Security If She Passes Away?


My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer at age 44. She asked me a question the other day that I never really thought about. What happens to her Social Security if she passes away early?


I'm sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis.

Unlike contributions to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for example, the Social Security taxes collected on wages and self-employment earnings are simply that, a tax. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the Social Security taxes you pay will ever translate into entitlement to benefits.

Is There Any Way To Make Sure You're Getting Proper SS Credits And Benefits?


Is there ANY way to make sure you are getting ALL the SS benefit you & your employer paid into. when I went to the Pre- SS interview, a Gentleman gave me my expected benefits, that was the preceding November, when I went for the actual interview a woman told me what I was to receive BUT it was a lot LESS, so I asked to see the Gentleman, I was denied that & told this was it, good bye. I left and a week later contacted my Congresswoman, she said she would look into it & NEVER got back to me, same with my Assembly person.

Is There Any Advantage To Remain In The U.S. From A Social Security Perspective?


I am a US Citizen who also lived in Canada for 27 years. I am 69 years old and am collecting both Social Security and CPP. My husband is a Canadian Citizen (62 years old) and worked in Canada for 37 years. He is working in the US now on a Green Card and has been paying social security (maximum payments for 6 1/2 years.) We are considering moving back to Canada but do not know how this will affect his government pension earnings (Social Security and CPP).

Why Would I Be Due Unpaid Benefits?


I have been told that I have "unpaid bebifits" starting in 2010. I do not know how to find this information or how to apply for it. Why isn't this paid to me already? Thank you fo your help.


I'm sorry, but I have no idea to what you may be referring. If you we're told by Social Security that you are eligible for unpaid benefits, then I would suggest that you contact them for an explanation. Otherwise, you should always use caution in order to avoid being defrauded by scammers.

Best, Jerry

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