How Reliable Are The SS Estimated Benefits?


Hi Larry,
I started taking my SS benefits the month I turned 68, March 2019 (my birthday is 3/1/51). My husband plans to file a restricted application for spousal benefits in September 2019 (his birthday is 9/11/53), with the intent of waiting till he's 70 to file for his own SS retirement benefit.
We've been looking online and have read your book, but still have some questions.

Will My Benefit Rate Still Rise If I Wait To Claim Benefits Even If I've Stopped Working?


Larry, i stopped working at 62 for mental health reasons but do not plan to file for Social Security until at least my full retirement age of 66 yrs and 6 months. If i do not earn any income over the coming few years, will my benefits still rise in value by waiting?
Thank you, Bill

Hi Bill,

Would The Profit From Selling A House Need To Be Reported To Social Security?


Hi Larry, my father in law began collecting social security on his 62nd birthday. He is receiving the minimal amount because he has only worked approximately 10-11 years his whole life, depending heavily on family to provide financial support to him, he has been collecting social security for 2 years. About 10 years ago my father in law had his blind elderly father sign paperwork that put my father in law's name on the deed to his father's house.

How Can I Obtain An Estimate Of My Own Benefit Rate?


I am almost 68 years old. I filed a restricted application for social security spousal benefits only at my full retirement age of 66 and have been receiving them since then. I am wanting to get an updated estimate of the benefits I would be entitled to on my own earnings record at the ages of 68, 69 and 70. My earnings were much higher than my spouses. I have an account at My Social Security but it won't provide an estimate.

What States Are Best For Retiring On A Low Income?


Hi Larry,
Due to my poor health, I plan on taking my social security at age 62 (my DOB: 03/24/1965)
If I moved to a state that does not tax my social security and has a lower cost of living, will what
I received from Social Security change as I move from California to another state.

What states are best for retiring on a low income.
Thanks, trying to plan this wisely


Hi Janet,

Is It Correct That The 35 Best Years Of Earnings Are Calculated Starting From Age 22?


Hi Larry, I remember reading somewhere that the 35 best years of Social Security earnings are calculated starting from age 22. Is this right? I did the work sheet for my age and I actually had a couple years prior to age 22 that were in my top 35 once they were adjusted with the multiplier. It wasn't much but a few dollars and when I signed up for benefits at the Social Security office they didn't account for these years on their computer simulation compared to my work sheet. What would Larry do in this situation....can I contest it or is this even true?