Would The Maximization Software Be Of Any Benefit To Me If I'm Already Drawing Benefits?

Dec 19 2017 - 6:26am

I turned 66 in January and had been on disability towards the end of 2016 because of a surgery - I was going to extend the disability but was told that when I turned 66 my disability would trigger my receiving social security instead. Even though my long term plan had been to wait until I was 70 to draw (continuing to work-I am self employed- until then once healed from surgery) . Thus my question is since I am already drawing would the Maximize My Social Security be of any benefit to me. I get conflicting information from the SS Office regularly.


Yes, the software could help you determine whether or not it might be advantageous for you to suspend your benefits in order to accrue delayed retirement credits (DRC). Doing so from age 67 to 70 would raise your benefit rate by 24%, but would come at the cost of receiving no benefits for the next 3 years. The software can give you a comparison the long-term effects of your various options.

Best, Jerry