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Is It True That I Can Apply For Half Of My Wife's Benefits Without Hindering The Growth Of My Benefit?

My wife just turned 67 and filed for retirement benefits. I will turn 67 on 02-12-2021. I am under the belief that I can apply for limited benefits, up one-half of my wife's total benefit without hindering the growth in my full benefit between my 67th and 70th birthday, the latter being my targeted retirement age. Is that true and, if so, what the guidelines, protocols, and caveats attached to this? Thanks!!


Can My Husband File For His Benefits At Age 62 Then Switch To 50% Of My Benefit Later?

I am 61, my husband is 62. We will be divorcing this year. I have several questions.
He is eligible for SS but my ss will be higher. Can he apply for his ss this year then wait two years to switch and collect 50% of mine? Or is it 35% until I reach full retirement at 66? Or is he locked into his SS if he starts collecting now? If he collects mine when I am 62 is he locked into that rate or can his rate increase when I reach full retirement at 66?


Would Taking My Own Benefits At Age 62 Reduce My Future Survivor Benefit Rate?

I am a widow and wondering about conflicting adivce I've gotten about taking my own benefit and then switching survivor benefit at my Full Retirement Age. If I take my benefit at 62, I would get $644 per month. If I wait until 68 and 4 months, I get my full survivor benefit of $2,842. I don't want to take mine if it lowers my survivor benfit, but have been told by someone at social security it will not. I consulted a financial advisor and they thought this was wrong, that taking any benefit early would lower your future benfits when you switch.

Can I Collect My Deceased Husband's Social Security Without Quitting My Job And Still Be Able To Change Over To My Amount At FRA Or Age 70?

I contacted SSA regarding Survivior benefit. My husband passed 10 years ago. I have recieved two different answers. The last being I could collect his social security amount without having to quit my job and still be able to change over to my amount at full retirement age or at age 70. This was not the same answer I recieved previously. Thank you


I'm sorry for your loss.

Will Both My Wife And Child Be Eligible For Half Of My PIA, Subject To The Family Maximum?

Hi Larry. Its been a few years since I subscribed and took advantage of your software. As I get closer to FRA, I am thinking it might behoove me to resubscribe and let you run figures again. Hoping you can answer a few questions that will help me in my choices. I plan to (likely) retire in 12/2021 when I turn 67. My wife will be age 60 at that time. We have a disabled adult child in our care who has received SSI since age 18.

When Will My Wife's Disability Benefits Convert To Social Security?

Let me begin with thank you. I (bob 7/20/1955) will be 66 and 2 months on October 2021, my FRA. And I am thinking of collecting then. My wife (Donna 8/4/60) is on full disability.

When does my wife's disability convert to social security? When can she/we begin collecting spousal benefits? My social security will be about $2,550. Donna currently receives $941. Spousal benefit should be $1,225. Ish. Much appreciated.


Hi Bob,