Filing Strategies

Does My Plan Make Sense And Does It Violate Any Social Security Rules?

My wife will be 62 next month (DOB 7-11-58). I just turned (DOB 5-22-53). We would like to have her claim for benefits next month ($888) and me apply for spousal benefits the following month. Then when I turn 68 next year I would file for my benefits ((PIA $2802) and she would file for spousal. Does this make sense and does it violate any social security rules?


Can My Wife File For Her Benefits At Age 62 Then Take 50% Of My PIA When She Reaches FRA?

I am born October 1953 and plan to take SSB January 2021 (at 67y+3mo, 1y+3mo after my FRA). My wife is born May 1959 and her FRA is 66y+10mo or April 2026.
Can she take her own SSB when she turns 62 (May 2021), then take spousal benefits (50% of my PIA), at her FRA on April 2026?


What Should I Do Now?

I will be 68 at the end of this month. I have been receiving survivors benefits since I was 60. I keep getting the run around from social security regarding my potential allotment when I turn 70 if I file under my own work record. I would like to find out if it is even worth waiting but they take my info and apparently any reply gets lost before being sent to me. What should I do now? I am getting frustrated.
Thanks in advance.


Do I Have My Planning Correct?

Larry, my wife and I are both retired, with combined pensions netting us $4300 a month, and a decent IRA that we plan on using only for emergencies and travel in the future. My wife is 61, and I am 60. We want one of us to take SS at 62 to supplement our retirement income and allow us more freedome to travel. My family health history would indicate that I will not live to be super old, and I want to make the decision based on insuring my wife is in the best position should I die first, before FRA even.

Should I Start My Benefits Early If I Have Minor Children?

I am 66, qualify for full SS benefits and have two young kids. ages 8 and 11. Should I apply for benefits now in the hope of collecting the extra benefits associated with minor children or should I wait until age 70 when the children will be 12 and 15 years of age?


I can give you some pros & cons, but ultimately only you can decide what's best for you and your family.

Should I File At FRA Instead Of Age 70 Because Of Potential Benefit Cuts?

I am 65 and my wife is 64. I am fortunate to have some other sources of income, so I had planned to wait until age 70 to maximize my SS benefit.

I am reading more and more (and more) articles that SS may be forced to cut benefits in the future (around 2035?) because of a shortfall in funds because they are starting to pay out more in benefits than they are taking in.