Filing Strategies

Will I Be Better Off Starting My Benefits At Age 66 And Investing The Money?

I am turning 65 this year. My husband is 81 and has a small soc.sec. income; about equal to mine.
He also worked for the city school system and gets a pension from there, and both of our medical
and dental and now medicare benefits are paid via his ss account.
The city's Health service is after me to decide by May 30th about taking s.s. and at what age.
I need to do this, or else I will be dropped they say from the city's portion of coverage of our
health coverage/ and/or medicare.

Which Of These 3 Options Is Best?

Dear Larry;
I am currently coming up on my 62nd birthday and selected three options for drawing my Social Security. I was hoping you could help provide the best option money wise. Please note that I retired 12/18/18.

Option 1) Draw in July at age 62 – July 2019
Option 2) Draw at age 62 ½ - Jan 2020 - (my wife will be 65 in September of this year)
Option 3) Wait until my wife is 66 – Sept 2020 (her full retirement age maxing out on the spousal benefit)

If My Wife Collects Her Benefits At Age 63 Will It Substantially Reduce Her Subsequent Spousal Benefit?

My wife is 63. I am 64. I plan on taking my SS benefit at full retirement age. My benefit is substantially higher than my wife. If she collects her benefit at 63, will it substantially reduce her spousal benefit when I start collecting at my Full retirement age?


I don't know what you'd consider to be substantial, but filing at age 63 would reduce your wife's benefit rate even if she later qualifies for additional spousal benefits on your record.

Is Social Security Correct That We Can't Collect Spousal Benefits?

My husband and I both were 66 in January 2019. I am retired and started collecting my full Social Security benefit in January. My husband is still employed and wants to continue working until 70 or longer.. He wants to collet his maximum Social Security benefit at 70. We were told that since I started collecting my SS that my husband could get spousal benefits on my SS at 50%. This would not change the amount due to my husband at age 70 on his SS benefit if he gets spousal benefits on my Social security.

Can My Wife Claim Her Benefits At 62 And Then Claim Half Of My Benefit When She Reaches FRA?

My wife and I are 60 years old (just turned in March and February respectively in 2019). our SSC benefits at 62, and FRA are as follows: 62: wife = $1,069; myself = $2,137; FRA: wife = $1,520; myself = $3,040. Can my wife claim her benefit at 62 of $1,069 and when I retire at FRA claim half my benefit ($1,520) as a spousal benefit at 66 years and 10 months. In other words her SSC benefit will increase from her workers benefit to a spousal benefit? She is working part time now and earns about $15,000 as a RN working a few hours a week.

Would It Be Better To Wait Until My Deceased Ex's Full Retirement Age To File On His Record?

I was married to my ex-husband for 14yrs. My ex-husband passed away in 2010. ( age 54) I was thinking about retiring on my husband social security benefits in 2020 ( my age will be 64) and waiting to file for my benefits at age 70. I was wondering will I get his full benefit or will this be a good idea or wait until his full retirement age which would have been at 66 ( year 07/2023). He never file for his benefits.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Annette,