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Can My Wife Claim Spousal Benefits On My Record And Let Her Benefit Rate Keep Growing?

Hey Larry I'm 65 and have been getting social security payments since I turned 62. My wife who is 66 has not claimed any social security benefits. Since she was born before Jan. 1, 1954 can she now claim spousal benefits on my social security and let hers keep growing? Even though I think that is foolish because I think it would take her forever to get back what she could have collected in the past 4 yrs and the next 4 yrs.


Do I Need To Notify Social Security That I've Retired At Age 68?

Hi Larry,
At age 62 my husband medically needed to take his SS Disability. At age 66 1/2, I took half of his as spousal benefit. I’m now 68 and stopped working. I’m waiting until I’m 70 to take my SS. Question is, do I need to notify SS that I’m retired? Do I now have to take my own SS? We are doing ok on his SS and Spousal Benefit. It was my intention to wait to take my SS until at least age 70. Please advise.
Thank you!


How Much Will My Mother Receive When She Files For Her Benefits?

Hello. My mother has been receiving Survivors Social benefits since age 60 or 62. She has just turned 65, 12th Nov. According to the website, her benefit should increase to 95% but I am also finding information about her needing to reach her retirement age - 67. I'm confused. Online I have found info that says at age 60 - you receive 71.5%, 62 - 81.00%, 64 - 90.50%, 65 - 92.25% and 66 - 100%. Also, would the rate most likely change after her birthday or in the new year? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks


If I File For My Own Benefits At Age 62 Will I Be Eligible For 50% Of My Husband's Benefit When He Retires?

I will be 62 this year. I am considering drawing my SS, $650 until my husband retires in 2021, at 66 his FRA. He has earned maximum benefits. I believe that is $2861. When he retires will I be eligible for 50% of his SS for spousal benefits? Thank you for your help.


No, if you file for your own Social Security retirement benefits prior to full retirement age (FRA) you won't get a full 50% of your husband's benefit rate when he files. I'll use an example to explain.

Is There Any Reason Due To The Deemed Filing Rules That My Wife Should Wait Until I Reach FRA To Apply For Her Benefits?

Hi Larry. I really look forward to your Ask Encore columns. You always seem to select pertinent questions and provide comprehensible answers. My wife is 21 months older than me. She will reach her full retirement age in June 2020. Her individual SS retirement benefit based on her own work history will be considerably smaller than her spousal benefit based on my work history.

Does My Benefit Rate Increase Automatically?

Hello, I am 67 years old and when I turned 65 I had delayed getting SSA benefits because I understood that with each year I wait, the benefit amount grows by about 8 percent or so. However, does this growth happen automatically, or was I supposed to somehow activate my SSA benefits at 65 but then pause/freeze it until I am ready to start collecting in a couple of years? I don't see anywhere in my SSA account/mailings that would reflect this ~8 percent yearly increase. Question 2: my wife is soon turning 65, but her own SSA would be very low since she did not work much.

Do My Numbers And Thinking Sound Correct To You?

Dear Larry,

My DOB is 12-22-53 and my PIA is $2771. My wife's DOB is -7-06-59 and her PIA is $2148. In 2021, our strategy is to have her claim a reduced social security benefit at age 62 (~$1530), and I will claim a spousal benefit ($1074). Upon my reaching 70, I will then claim my increased social security benefit of ~$3658. Are my numbers and thinking correct to you?

Thx and Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

What Is Our Best Strategy?

I am 66 and my wife is 65 (Born August 1954). I am still working, but plan on retiring at 67. My wife is now retired. Another program suggested that she take her social security benefit now and that I file a restricted application and take a spousal benefit until I turn age 70.

Thoughts on this approach versus both taking benefits when I am 67 and she is 66, or both waiting until we are 70?


Did I Make A Mistake By Starting My Benefits 4 Months Prior To FRA?

I filed for SS benefits in January 2018 at age 65 and turned 66 (FRA) four months later in April 2018. My income was considerably lower than my husband, who is 6 months younger, and is also retired. He is currently drawing half of my benefit, after he turned FRA, and delaying his benefit. Did I make a mistake by drawing mine those four months early if he should die before me? Would I still be able to receive his larger benefit because he delayed? Thank you, Lucy

Hi Lucy,