Filing Strategies

If My Wife Files For Reduced Benefits On Her Record, Will That Reduction Also Apply To Her Spousal Benefits?

I just finished your book but have a couple questions related to spousal SS. My wife will be 62 in a few months and I will be 64. I am the higher earner of the two by quite a bit. My question(s) are. 1). If she starts drawing at age 62 she will get 70% of her full retirement benefits. I don't plan on drawing until age 70. If she does draw at age 62, when I start drawing is she limited to 70% of what she normally would get since she started early? 2) if I get to normal retirement can I draw on her as a spousal until I reach age 70 when I draw on my own?

Do You Have Any Tips For Us?

After purchasing Get Whats Yours...I had my spouse, Vickie, file for S.S. in Sept 2015 . I then requested a File and Suspend on my account and began collecting Spousal support on my wife's account. In September 2019 I will be 70 years of age and intend to file for MY FULL / S.S. benefit.... I would appreciate your advice on any tips that would assist us on the plan you have guided us on... as well as Confirmation that we are on track for the best outcome.
Is it possible to have my spouse, Vickie.. collect spousal on my account and raise the S.S. Benefits even higher??

Should I File For My Social Security Benefits Now?

My husband and I both just turned 66 born both in 1953 so we are at our full retirement age. I am not working (wife) but my husband is and plans to work until age 70. I was thinking I should start taking my social security which would only be about $800.00. My husband should get $2,600.00 if he was to collect his social security now. He wants to wait until age 70 to collect about $3,200.00. If I collect mine know and then I understand I can get 50% of his FRA 2,600. (half would be $1,300.00) when he retires at age 70. Is this the smart thing to do.

Am I Missing Something?

Hi! I am so happy to have found your articles tonight! I have a question about auxiliary family SSA benefits. I am 54, my spouse is 61, and we have two biological children that are fourteen (twins). My husband is working and his wages were $98,000 last year. We called Social Security to ask whether or not my husband could file for benefits at age 62 and keep working so that I and our children could also file for benefits. I have read everything online and had done ALL of the calculations concerning the earnings test and our family monthly maximum benefit payment.

What Is My Best Course Of Action?

I am 57 years of age my Husband passed last year (2018) after 38 years of marriage. I am wondering should I apply for his Social Security when I get 60 and still work, than when I 65 apply for my own Social Security? Also can I get his Social Security and still work. If so what is the Maximum amount I can make while receiving his Social Security. His amount is going to be less money than mine. I don't know what the best course of action. Also can you tell me How can I find out the amount of his and My Social Security Benefits.