Filing Strategies

How Will My Husband's Benefit Rate Be Calculated If He Files At Age 68 1/2?

I began taking Social Security in 2016 at age 62 and receive about $530/mo. The agent used Break Even figures to advise that it would not benefit me to wait until FRA due to the low amount it would increase (I stayed home to raise children for 30+ years). My husband just lost his job and will turn 68 in October 2019. We were hoping to hold off till he turns 70, but not sure we can. He is planning to claim his Spousal Benefit so at least that bit will help (our accountant also said he should request it be retroactive to January 2019).

Will My Wife's Spousal Benefits Be Affected By WEP?

Hi Larry,

My spouse is affected by WEP as a retired teacher, and we're trying to find the right claiming strategy. I'm not confident my research from the recommended websites and the GWY book is yielding the optimum approach.

Me - retired with non WEP affected pension - planning to claim SS next year for a DEC 2020 70th birthday - excellent health with family longevity history. I have the greater earnings history and benefit estimates.

Would It Be Wise For Me To Take Social Security At Age 62?

I will turn 62 10/10/2020. My husband is a resident alien in the US over 25 years and contributing to his SS. He is also 7 years younger than I am. I have not worked the last 4 years due to my husband being ill. He has continued to work from home. He has a disease that will unfortunately not allow him to live to retirement or perhaps not even to 60. Without his income I will either have to go back to work, move to a less expensive dwelling and many other issues. We’re contemplating me claiming my retirement next year and using the money to pay off the home.

Is It Still Worth It Financially To Hold Out Until Age 70 To File For My Benefits?

Thanks, Larry I am 68 and my wife is 65. We had an analysis done back in 2017 by a local planner and the strategy was for my wife to file for her retirement and mine would be a restricted amount with the plan of waiting until 70. When the analysis was done, my intention was to continue working until 70, but because my health has declined I'm now only able to work part time. So, my question is, is it still worth it financially to hold out till 70 or would it now make more sense to take my full amount? Thanks again!


Should I Collect Widow's Benefits Or My Own Benefits And Still Work Until Age 67?

Should I collect SS widow pay or my own SS benefit and still work until 67? My husband died about 5 years ago when I was 60. I’m now 65. What is the best strategy for me to collect my maximum benefits? I want to travel and enjoy the rest of my life while I still can and still be able to pay my bills. My bills include school loans ($300) rent $1,500, food, auto maintenance, clothes, cell phone, utilities.


I'm sorry for your loss.

When Should My Husband And I Start Drawing Our Benefits?

My husband and I are retiring in 2 years. I will be 62 and he will be 57. My husband is the high wage earner now making $135,00 annually while my wages are $25,000. We have saved enough to live on for 8 years so don't need to draw on social security. With our age difference when would it be best for each of us to start drawing on social security and when should we begin to do that and how? What about spousal benefits?


Should I Consider Other Options?

I turn 66 (my FRA) in November. My wife turns 66 in December (her FRA). She has been receiving a modest monthly Social Security monthly benefit since age 62. We have a meeting scheduled at the local SSA office soon and I am seriously considering applying for my SS at FRA and my wife would get a boost since her amount is less than 35% of my currently estimated benefit. Can you help me determine whether this decision is the best for me or should I consider others (e.g. waiting until age 70 to get DRCs). Thank you!


Is It Worth It For Us To Claim Benefits Now?

Dear Larry: My wife and I were born before Jan. 1, 1954. I am 67, she is 68. Neither of us have claimed social security benefits yet. We currently live off my pension from my job. We both also still work a bit yet and earn a small income per year. She and I both have enough credits to qualify for SS. Currently I have an estimated SS benefit of around 2,000 per month and my wife around 300 per month. My question is: Is it worth it for us to claim a file and restrict benefit now or just wait until we decide to claims SS benefits (mine and spousal) on or before age 70?

Should I File A Restricted Application?

My wife is 67 and filed on her own record at full retirement age (66) with a benefit of $1438. I worked in England and am receiving $875 per month state pension (English version of social security) That figure is based on contributions from my English wages and also a voluntary contribution to raise my earning years from 24 to 35 years so I could received the maximum amount. . I also qualify for an Irish State pension (social security) of $485 per month based on contributions there and totalization with my England and USA record.