Filing Strategies

How Can My Wife Optimize Her Benefits?

I plan to start collecting social security this December at age 70 when my benefit will be $2730. My wife has applied to start collecting next month (February) at age 66 with a benefit of $1050. Will her benefit increase to half of mine when I start collecting at 70? Is there an advantage if she delays starting to collect and how can she optimize her benefits? We both have long life expectancy.


Can My Wife File And Suspend At Age 62 So That I Can Be Paid Spousal Benefits?

I have purchased your book and software but I am still not confident on the following on whether it is possible and/or beneficial for us to do. I will be 67 at the end of this month and my wife will be 62 at end of july. my plan is to not file on my social security until age 70. we are both working and our plan is for us both to retire sometime in 2021. your software shows that my annual amount at age 70 is estimated at $42,410 and my wife filing on my social security at her age 66 1/2 would be $14,359.

When Should I File For My Social Security?

I will be 65 in September when should I file for my social security


Your best filing strategy depends on numerous different factors & variables. You should strongly consider using our software ( to fully explore and analyze your options so that you can choose the best possible strategy to maximize your benefits.

Best, Jerry

Is My Understanding Correct And Does Our Plan Make Sense To You?

Larry, I am 67 and my wife is 58. I am retired and started taking Social Security at my FRA of 66. Based upon my work record, I get near the maximum payout. My wife is planning to work until Age 62. Based upon her work record, she will be eligible for a near maximum payout as well. My thought is that she should start collecting right away at age 62, acknowledging the reduced benefit with this thought: If I pass anywhere near my "actuarial life" ( somewhere around 84), she would then get 100% of my SS income - in the meantime, we collect 100% of mine and 65-70% of her maximum.

Should My Wife File Now Or Wait?

My wife has already retired from her job with the school system, and is drawing her pension. She turns 62 on her next birthday. She does not intend to ever return to the work force. Should she go ahead and start drawing her benefits now or wait? We can get a long without her benefit until I reach full retirement age in several years, but the additional income would be nice. Cheers, Tim

Hi Tim,

Would It Be Worth It To File For My Own Benefits At Age 62 And Later Change To Drawing On My Ex's Record?

My ex husband is 5 years younger than me. I will be 62 this year. His income is extremely high and mine was lower as I stayed home with my children or worked part time as they were growing up. Is it worth taking mine at 62 and then can I change to his at a later point when he gets to be tetirement age. Im pretty sure 1/2 of his benefit will be higher than mine. Im just not sure when to take either. My health has not been great so Im ythinoing taking mine at 62 would be a better option for me but meed to know how or when I can claim spousal benefits.


Is There Any Downside To My Wife Filing At Age 62?

I am 62 y/o with FRA month benefit of $2,665 beginning 10/2023, with benefits of $3,411 if I do not file until I am 70 y/o. I earn about $100,000/year and expect to work at least 5 more years.

My wife is 60 y/o with FRA benefit of $1,309 beginning 3/2027, with benefits of $922 available beginning 03/2021, at age 62. She works part-time and earns about $10,000/year.
We have 2 college aged children and an adopted 8 year old.

Can Spousal Benefits Come Into Play In Our Case?

I am a 70 year old retired public school teacher collecting a pension and a very small social security benefit. My wife turns 65 in July, 2020 and, as a realtor, has contributed to her own social security earnings. We anticipate her benefits to be substantially greater than what I currently receive. Can “spousal benefits” come into play? Together, what are our options to maximize our benefit(s)? Thank you!


Is It True That I Can Avoid A 'Rat Hole' If I Wait Until I'm Age 66 & 9 Months To File For Benefits?

Dear Larry,
I can take my SS at FRA (66) next month but am curious about whether there's any truth to waiting until I am 66 and 9 months to avoid a "rat hole." Are these rat holes, if real, relevant for married people? I am married and my husband was born in 1953. He's still working and delaying SS until age 70 but can take a spousal benefit if I file. My SS on my own record is about $200 higher than if I take a spousal benefit on his record. I just want to make sure I should go ahead and not wait 9 months.Thank you!!