Filing Strategies

How Long Past FRA Can You Wait To File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry. Thanks for so much excellent information. Everyone asks about when, meaning for the most part how soon, they can file a restricted application for spousal benefits. How long past FRA can you wait? I am born before January 1, 1954 and will be at FRA in September, 2019. My wife was born two months before me making her FRA in July of 2019. Neither of us have filed for SS benefits as yet. How long after our birth months can we wait to file for full benefits for one of us and spousal benefits for the other.

Is It A Good Idea To Take My Benefits Now So That My Daughters Can Get Benefits?

I am 62. My current benefits at 62 won be $1645/month. Full retirement would be $2256. at age 70 $2887. I have 2 daughters under the age of 18. Birthdates August 26, 2001 and February 21 2008. It seems like their eligibility for benefits makes it seem like I need to take retirement at 62 in order to not leave money on the table. t

What Do You Suggest?

Hi Larry,

My husband turns 62 in Nov. 2019. I just turned 40 and we have 2 healthy kids under the age of 6. My husband owns several businesses and we are self-employed. My husband definitely doesn't plan to stop making money, but we obviously want to figure the best time and strategy when to start taking benefits.
what do you suggest?


If I Wait Until Age 70 To Take My Benefits Will That Also Increase The Amount My Wife Would Receive As A Surviving Spouse?

My wife and I are 26 years apart. My full retirement is age 67. So, if I wait until I’m 70, I can collect the maximum amount. I am still in my 50’s but thinking ahead and I hope I’ll be able to not take social security until I’m 70. If so, my benefit will 30% greater but will that also increase the amount my wife will receive as a surviving spouse once I’m gone? Will her benefit be “exactly” the same amount or is her benefit be adjusted for inflation and increased using COLA? I should mention that my wife does not work.

Could I File For Spousal Benefits And Hold Off Filing For My Own Benefits?

Larry, I’m about to file for my social security. I will be 62 years of age in three months. My husband age 65 has been receiving his social security since age 62 filed early because of medical history but he is not disabled.
During my last 2 years of employment my earning were higher than his last year of employment

Would It Be Advisable For My Wife To File At 62 So That I Could Draw Spousal Benefits?

I retired at age 67. My wife is 61 and still working.I was planning on waiting till 70 to start collecting ss benefits Would it be a better plan for my wife to file at 62 and me collecting spousal benefits till I reach 70? I expect my life to be 80 to 85 where as my wife with good genes may live to be 95. Both her parents lived in their 90's. I have heart disease and don't expect a longer life.
please advise what is the best strategy for us. Should we both wait till FRA? Or Should I not wait till 70?

Do I Have To Pay Back My Spousal Benefits When I File For My Own Benefits?

I turn 66 in December and still working. My husband is going to be 62 but is disabled with MS for years. If I file a restricted application and take half of my husband's Social Security, what happens if at say age 68 I want to fully retire and use my earnings instead, what happens at that point? Do I have to pay that money back?


Can I Draw My Husband's Benefits At Age 66 And Switch To My Own Retirement Benefit At Age 70?

My husband passed away in July of 2013. He was 62 and had started receiving disability about 6 months before he died. I have been working full time. I will reach my FRA in June 2019. I plan on applying for widows benefit to start June 2019.
From what I have read, I can get my husbands full retirement benefit when I turn 66. I plan on continuing to work for a while yet. If I restrict my application, can I switch to my retirement benefit at age 70?


I'm sorry for your loss.

Could I Have Drawn A Spousal Benefit From My Wife's Social Security?

I filed and suspended 4 years ago when I was 66 before the deadline. My wife was 62 at the time. I will be turning 70 in July and I will start drawing my benefit. Is there anything I should be aware of before I take my first payment Iin August? Could I have done a spousal benefit from my wife’s social security benefit? She had a small work history but will have a bigger SS benefit drawing 1/2 of mine when she turns 66 in June.


What Is My Best Plan Now?

Dear Larry,

I have your book “Get What’s Yours”and have read it multiple times, underlined it, made notations in the back, and tabbed the pages with sticky notes. And currently I’m reading sections of it again. I also purchased and used the Maximize My Social Security software and I have also purchased the Maxifi Planner.