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Can My Wife Collect Her Benefits And Then Switch To Survivor Benefits If I Die First?

Filing stategies
I'm trying to get social security right, my information is l was born on April 30, 1951 Pia was 2453 i worked until 68 so i plan to wait until 2021 at 70 to file for social security at that time it will be around 3479. I was married that lasted more than 10 years she is already collecting social security. My wife will be 62 August 26 2020 her pia is 1732 and will grow to 2402 at 66 &8mo. I have read your book and if i understand it right she can collect on her social security and then if i pass away first she can switch to my surviver benefit.

Could I Go Ahead And Apply For My SS Now And Then When I Turn 66 Apply For My Deceased Husband's Benefits?

I am 63 and my husband passed away two years ago at 62, he never collected SS. I was wondering if I could go ahead and apply for my SS now and then when I turn 66 apply for my deceased husbands? I really need his higher benefit in retirement, so I don't want to make a mistake. Thank you


I'm sorry for your loss.

Is It Correct That My Wife Can File For Her Own Benefits At FRA And The Get 50% Of My Benefit Rate When I File At Age 70?

Hi. I actually bought the software today, thank you! Now I will load my history.

In a previous answer you seemed to be saying that if my wife (who is approx. same age (65) as am I ) files at her FRA of 66 and gets her benefit of say $800/month and if I wait til 70 to file and get $3,000/month, then even though her benefits may only go up very little, say 1% per year, over the 4 years til she is 70, and at that point her benefits are say $840 per month, that her benefits then suddenly jump to $1500 a month (50% of mine) at that time (when she turns 70)?

How Will My Wife's Benefits Be Calculated If We Both File At Age 70?

Hi. I am 65, turning 66 in October. My wife is 65, turning 66 in May of 2021. My SS benefits will be the maximum. Her SS benefits will be minimal. I plan to wait until 70 to collect since I can't get 8% anywhere else. 1. If I file at 70 and then she files at 70, will her benefits be based on 50% of my benefits or her own history, which will be minimal? 2. Is there a different strategy to maximize benefits e.g. have her file before me, collect whatever benefits she can until 70 and then when she is 70, her benefits go up to 50% of mine? Thank you.


Will I Be Grandfathered If I File For And Suspend My Benefits?

Two questions please:
1) - I am concerned that congress may reduce social security benefits. Of course no one knows what will happen but I guess that if they make changes, they could "grandfather" current recipients. I turn 65 next month. I could file and suspend. If I did that, would I still be a current recipient (for grandfathering purposes), or, at least be in a position to rapidly claim benefits again if it looks like legislation may impact my future social security benefits.

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

My 65 year old (1955) husband of 30 years is receiving SSDI. I am 64 years old (1956) and not started collecting SS. I am receiving a taxable pension of $850.00. Everyone tells me to take SS but I wanted to wait until I reach 70 as I’m in good health. Any suggestions? Thank you.


My only suggestion would be to consider using our software ( to analyze your various options so that you can decide the best time to start drawing your benefits.

Is This Strategy Valid?

Could you confirm for me that this strategy is valid. Take Social Security benefits early and postpone any pension that will trigger WEP or GOP. You’d collect full SS until you took the pension and when you start receiving the pension, SS would be reduced.
2) if you are receiving retirement benefits and still working and earn a very high income in any particular year, does your benefit change? Does a high income year knock out a lower year in the 35 years?
Many thanks for your help