Filing Strategies

What Would My Best Strategy Be?

I am turning 65 on March 1st
I was married over 10 years and divorced over 2years . I have not yet started my social security benefits. I am not remarried. Trying to find best strategy for my social security benefits. Im still working, and at full retirement I collect $985 . . I don’t know ex spouse retired benefits, she’s over 62 urs old , we were married in Florida and both live in Florida currently.
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How Can I Maximize My Benefit?

In need of your expertise. My husband is 70 and has collected SS since his 70th birthday. I will be 65 on November 28 born in 1955. Should I start collecting my own benefits at 66+2months, FRA? They are half of what my husband collects. Is there some kind of spousal benefit I should look into? How can I maximise my benefit? I will not be able to wait until age 70 to file, as money is running out. Thank you, kindly.


Would We Be Better Off If My Husband Files For Early Retirement At Age 62?

I receive Ssdi and my husband was just diagnosed with APL leukemia. He doesn’t have enough quarters in recently to qualify for SSDI. Being married does that disqualify him for SSI where would we be better off having him file for early retirement he will be 62 in May? I have heard with what I get he will not get SSI benefits unless we are divorced could you please let me know about that.


Is It True That I Couldn't Be Paid My Husband's Age 70 Rate Even If I Wait Until Age 70 To Claim Widow's Benefits?

My husband died (Sept 2018) when he was 63 and he had not started drawing his social security. His full retirement age would have been 66 and 2 months. I will be 60 in December. I had a phone meeting with social security on Monday to check on widow benefits. I am going to continue to work and will not be eligible to draw anything due to making too much. My question to social security was can I draw my benefit when I get FRA and then change over when I am 70 to my husbands and draw what he would have at age 70.

Can You Confirm That If I File A Restricted Application It Won't Allow My Wife To Take Spousal Benefits?

I was born in 1953 and plan on working until I am 70. My spouse was born in 6/1954 and is not taking on as many clients in her sole proprietorship business where she works out of the house. I was hoping I could file a restricted application now where I would not collect my retirement benefit at this time then my spouse could file for my spousal benefit at this time. Apparently, reaching maximum doesn't work that way.

Will My Age 70 Social Security Benefit Be Reduced Due To Changes In The Full Retirement Age?

Larry I turn 68 January 2021 I was planning on waiting until age 70 to start drawing my Social Security. I currently receive 1/2 of my wife's small benefit. She retired at 62. My question is will my age 70 Social Security benefit be reduced due to all these changes of Full retirement Age?
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When Would It Be Best For Me To Collect SS?

Larry I’m 62 will be 63 in October making 35-40k a year no savings know I will have to work till the end. When would it be best to collect ss


That depends on a number of factors you haven't mentioned, but in general if you can afford to wait it's usually best to start drawing Social Security retirement benefits at age 70. You never know how long you'll be able to continue working, and waiting until age 70 to start drawing your Social Security retirement benefits would provide you with your highest possible monthly benefit rate.