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How Will My Earnings Affect My Widower's Benefits At Age 66?

Hi Larry,
I am a widower, my wife of 26 years died at age 61 in 2009. I will be 66 on 12/20/2017, but don't plan on retiring until I am at least 70. I have a 401K through my job and would like to save more into my this account before I retire; my plan is to start collecting my deceased wife's SS when I reach 66 and have an equivalent amount deducted from my check for my 401K. At 66 how will by current earnings affect the amount I receive from my wife's SS? Will I get her full benefits until I am 70?

Hi Eric,

Would Collecting Widow's Benefits Affect My Own Social Security?

I will be 61 at the end of this month. My husband passed away 14 yrs ago at age 42. We were married for 14 yrs. We have a son, now 25, who is autistic, lives mostly independently in special housing, receives survivor benefits. I have made a reasonably good living in medical sales. Business of late has not been good for the company and due to some unrealistic expectations I worry my job may be at risk. This could possibly happen just before the holidays, a difficult time to find jobs. My questions are:

Is There A Better Route For Us?

I'm 63.5 now, my wife is 5 yrs younger then I am. We are both going to retire in 1 yr. We have IRAs to live on and suppliment our pensions and social security. We expect to spend $20,000 more each year in retirement. I've accounted for health insurance in these numbers. I am planning to start collecting ss at 70. Our current thoughts are for my wife to start collecting ss at 62. We own 2 homes (St. Louis & Denver) and have no debt. After using up the IRAs we'll still have approximately $300,000 in Roths that we don't expect to ever touch.

Can I Still File Just For Spousal Benefits At Age 66 And Then Switch To My Record At Age 70?

the wife and I will both be 66 in 2018
wife is now on SSDI
when we turn 66 can I apply for a spousal benefit
and then switch to my own benefit at age 70?
I am hearing different answers but thought people born in 1953 and before could still do this switch
or does the wife taking SSDI before age 66 rule this option out for me?


Would You Please Guide Me On My Possible Options?

I turned 66 on 10/02/17 and my ex-wife turned 67 on 10/09/17. We were married for 11 years, had two children, and divorced in 1986. I remarried, but she never remarried. We both had long careers and both contributed to social security for many years.
My current wife and I have been married for 30 years and have three children. She was born 6/7/63.

What Is Our Best Strategy?

My wife and I are both soon turning 65. My DOB is 11-1-1952, my wife's is 12-17-1952. I am planning to continue working until age 70, and my wife may stop a couple of years before that. Would my filing for a restricted application for spousal benefits next year (when my wife turns 66) be the best option for us, and how does this work. I do understand that an error on our part in the application process can be a very expensive error indeed, so we want to make certain we get it right.

What Happens Now That I've Switched From Widow's Benefits To Retirement Benefits?

I am now receiving Widow beneficiary of my late husband is $1344 a month , and is 65
Years old , and just working full time last September, 2017 , with gross pay is $1500 a month . But this month My benefits has changed for retirement benefits.
Do my benefits deduction on ? And have my SSA check increased when I pay for Social security, Federal tax and Medicare withholding by my employer?
Thanks .


Can I File For My Own Benefits Now And Then File For Widow's Benefits At Age 66?

I am 63 and my husband and i had been married 35 years when he passed away. My question is, am I able to begin collecting my SS now and then at 66 (full retirement age) will I be able to switch to my deceased husbands SS.? His is more than mine. Thank you for your reply.


I'm sorry for your loss.

What Is My Best Strategy?

I will be 60 in January and am still working making about $40,000/year. My spouse passed away 6 years ago at age 62 and made significantly more money than me. Should I start taking his social security when I turn 60? I am so confused having read so many different articles about what to do. I also have a Milford, CT city pension once I retire.

Thank you so much, Amy

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry for your loss.