Filing Strategies

Is There Any Reason For Me To Wait Until Age 70 To Start Drawing My Retirement Benefits?

My husband will be 58 in Feb and I will be 61 in March. I've not worked for the past 19 years. My husband is a high earner and plans to wait until 70 to draw on his benefit (estimated to be $3514 at age 70) His estimated benefit at FRA 67 is $2825. My estimated benefit at FRA 66 & 6 month is $905 a month & $1159 at age 70. Is there any reason for me to be concerned with my higher benefit amount at age 70 if I'm able to draw 50% spousal benefit once my husband is drawing his? Shouldn't I be drawing my $905 from age 66.5 until my husband is 70 (6.5 years X $905= $70,590)?

Do I Need To File For My Benefits In Order To Permit My Wife To Collect Spousal Benefits?

My wife turned 62 before the change date of the new file/suspend rules (Jan. 2016). She turns 65 in April 2018; I will be 62 in February 2018. Our SS strategy has always been for her to file & restrict to spousal benefits in April 2019 when she turns 66. To do this - it is my understanding that I would would need to file for SS benefits at the same time (I will be 63 in April 2019). Is that correct? Also - can we employee this strategy earlier?

Should I Wait Until Age 70 To File?

I will be 66 in March of 2018 and my husband will be 66 in August of 2018. My husband's SS will be around 2100. and mine would be about 1200. per our soc sec. statements at age 66. ( mine at 70 would be around 1600. his would be about 2800.) My husband is in the Government Offset Program and had his pension reduced in 2014. He worked for over 30 years and SS was taken out of his checks. My husband plans at claiming his, on his 66th birthday. He retired in 2013 and I stopped working in 2006. Should I wait until I'm 70 to claim SS , or will I never make up the difference?

Can I Collect On My Husband's Record At Full Retirement Age And Allow My Own Rate To Grow Until Age 70?

My birthday is 3/17/56 so I am currently 61. My husband is retired and is collecting Social Security. He is 76. When I am full retirement age 66 years and 4 months, can I collect on his benefit and let mine continue to grow until I am 70? What percentage will I be able to collect on his account? He currently receives about $2,200 a month gross. If I wait until I'm 70 to collect on my account, my benefit (according to today's chart) will be about $3,100. We have gotten at least three different answers on this! I appreciate any help you can give us.
Thank you!

Which Option Should I Choose?

I was born 1952, married over 10 years, divorced, never remarried, retired. 2 options given by SS field office agent: 1. Apply for my age 66 benefits ($1500/mo) and if ex expires before me, I can apply for his death benefit ($2400/mo). 2. Apply for 1/2 his benefits ($1200/mo) and wait until my age 70 benefit ($2000) to apply for my benefits. Additional funds, if needed, w/b pulled from my investments. My financial advisor states #2 option w/b best option for me. Do you agree? If not, why?

What Exactly Do I Need To Do?

I am working full time age 62, income $75,000.00. My husband passed 3 years age at age 63 and was working full time taking no SS benefits. I plan on working until age 70 to receive the highest amount of benefits. What exactly do I need to do before my 66th birthday. I was told that I can collect said ( not sure what amount- his 62 yrs.old figure?) amount of his benefits from age 66 to 70 then at age 70 switch to my calculated benefit for age 70. My amount is slightly higher than his was the last time I was able to look at it.


What Would Be Most Advantageous In My Case?

Hi Larry, I purchased the Get What's Yours book and I am still unclear as to what would benefit me best. My husband passed away in 2003 at 49 years (15 days from 50 years). I think he received SSDI for 3 months. I am 61 years 7 months young, I am currently unemployed receiving VA compensation and have been disabled since 2012 (not on SSDI). I received (Mothers) Family benefits until 2007. I am unsure if I qualify for the disabled widow's benefit or the widow's benefit. I could use some extra income at this time, but, I want to do what's best for now with my future in mind.

Do You Still Agree With Our Strategy?


My wife and I are both 66. My PIA is $2,809 at age 66 and $3,732 at age 70. My wife's PIA is $1,108 at age 66 and $1,463 at age 70. I am planning to delay receiving my SS benefit until age 70. We've been told that our best strategy to maximizing our benefits is for my wife to start taking her SS benefit at age 66 and switch to spousal benefits at age 70 when I start taking mine. Do you agree with that strategy?

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