Filing Strategies

What Is My Best Course Of Action?

I am 57 years of age my Husband passed last year (2018) after 38 years of marriage. I am wondering should I apply for his Social Security when I get 60 and still work, than when I 65 apply for my own Social Security? Also can I get his Social Security and still work. If so what is the Maximum amount I can make while receiving his Social Security. His amount is going to be less money than mine. I don't know what the best course of action. Also can you tell me How can I find out the amount of his and My Social Security Benefits.


Can I File On My Wife's Account And Delay Mine Until Age 68 Without Any Penalties?

My wife started receiving benefits against her record at 62 when she retired. I am 66 as of Dec. 2018 and plan on retiring at 68. Can I file against her record and delay mine until 68 without any penalties to either of our benefits going forward. Also does it impact medicare benefits?


What Am I Entitled To Now And How Can I Maximize My Benefits?

Hi Larry, I worked for USPS from Aug1996 to Dec. 2016. I was approved and went out on retirement disability because of injury on the job, I continue to accept OWCP in lieu of my disability retirement. My husband of 22 years passed in April of 2017 at the age of 67. He retired in 2011 at age 62 after being on his job for 43yrs. At the time of his death he was receiving his pension and Social Security due to several strokes that left him paralyzed (in 2013). I will be 54 in Sept of 2019. My husband was 16yrs my senior.

Can My Husband Collect On My Earnings While He Waits Until Age 70?

My husband turns 66 in March 2019. I turned 63 in December 2018. We are both planning to file for social security with in the next few months. He can collect about 1800 and month and I can collect about 1100. We have worked 45 years (me) and 50 years (husband). I am planning to retire before I earn the 2019 limit of 17,600. My husband will keep working cause he cant sit still. My question is in regard to advice given me by my financial planner. They tell me that my husband can collect on my earnings if he wants to wait until 70 to collect on his own earnings.

Did I Make A Bad Decision Taking Benefits At Age 62?

Hello, Larry and friends,

I have The Book, and it is amazing. Read it twice, first quickly for the "Oh, my gosh!" effect, then again to try to absorb more of the information.

My concern is that I could find very little re: a deceased, disabled (medically retired from the Army) husband. Most information seemed to apply to a disabled surviving spouse or child.

What Is My Best Strategy To Maximize My Benefits?

I am a widow, age 61.i would like to retire at 62. My husband (second) was on disability for over 10 years. My first husband (we were married 19 years then divorced). I am currently still working and earning too much to get survivor benefits. What is my best strategy to maximize my benefits?


The answer to your question depends mainly on the relative benefit rates that you could be eligible for on your own record and on the records of your former spouses.

Should My Wife File For Her Benefits At Age 62?

Due to health conditions I began drawing SS Benefits at age 62, I'll be 64 this July. My wife will be 62 in June of this year and works part-time. We have a small business that we have operated at a modest profit for 10 years, sales are growing and we plan to continue to expand. I draw $1581 per month my wife would qualify for $650 a month SS on her work record at 62. We aren't sure if she should start drawing benefits early, she wants to continue working part-time and we'll also operate the business.