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Should My Wife Start Collecting Now?

My wife is 64 and I am 65, I am waiting until 65 And 2 months to collect my full SS. I have the larger amount coming (est $3,000) per month next April. My wife’s SS if she started collecting now would be about $500 per month
Should she start collecting now?
Or should she wait until she is 66 +
When I start to collect next April, how will this affect her SS if she is collecting

Thank You

Hi R D,

Would Filing For Spousal Benefits Now And Switching To My Own Benefits At Age 70 Be A Way To Maximize Benefits?


Thank you so much for your very prompt reply. I do truly appreciate it.

If you don’t mind one additional Email, I’m going to ask you in a little different way leaving out the retroactive aspect since you very clearly answered that.

The following is hypothetical couple situation is what I asking now:

If I Start Drawing A Widow's Benefit At Age 60 Can I Defer My Own Social Security And Let It Continue To Grow?

Hi Larry,

If I start receiving a widow's benefit at age 60, can I defer my own Social Security and let it continue to grow?


Yes. Normally, you would want to start out drawing the lower benefit first and then switch to the higher benefit when it reaches it's highest potential rate. Our software ( could help sort all of this out for you so that you can determine the best strategy for maximizing your benefits.

Best, Jerry

If I Choose To Start My Own Benefits Retroactively, Will My Back Pay Be Reduced If I've Already Been Paid Spousal Benefits?

My husband started getting disability benefits 6 years ago, he's 66. I'm 68, and I started getting spousal benefits last year, I filed a restricted application for spousal benefits only. I get it monthly, and I received one payment of about $9,000 that a SSA rep said was back pay. My delayed retirement credit is 16%, I may take 4% (6 months) retroactively, when I file for my retirement this year. I'm wondering will my retroactive retirement payment be reduced because of the spousal back pay I received? Thank you.


Can My Wife Collect Her Benefits And Then Switch To Survivor Benefits If I Die First?

Filing stategies
I'm trying to get social security right, my information is l was born on April 30, 1951 Pia was 2453 i worked until 68 so i plan to wait until 2021 at 70 to file for social security at that time it will be around 3479. I was married that lasted more than 10 years she is already collecting social security. My wife will be 62 August 26 2020 her pia is 1732 and will grow to 2402 at 66 &8mo. I have read your book and if i understand it right she can collect on her social security and then if i pass away first she can switch to my surviver benefit.