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Will Pursuing My Plan Prevent My Wife From Switching To Spousal Benefits When I File?

My wife filed for SS when she turned 66 last year. I will be turning 66 in August. I am hoping to file a restricted application, collect spousal benefits for the next four years, then begin collecting SS against my own work record when I turn 66. Will doing do prevent my wife from "switching" to spousal benefits at that time -- since my FRA is more than twice hers? Or is there any other downside to my filing a restricted application at this time?

Thanks, Keith

Hi Keith,

Can I File For Spousal Benefits At FRA If My Wife Is On SSDI?

My wife is 64, on SSDI currently. I am 65 and eligible to file a restricted application for spousal benefits at 66. She was previously married more than 10 years and that spouse is deceased. We married after age 60. Question #1 If I file a restricted application at 66 can I receive spousal benefits if she is on SSDI ? Question #2 If she files for survivor benefits at 66 can she grow her retirement benefits till age 70 ? Question #3 Can I still receive spousal benefits if she does file for survivor benefits at 66. Thank you


Can My Wife Collect Her Benefits Now And Switch To Receiving Half Of My Benefit When I File For My Benefits?

My wife is 66. Her social security benefit is $1100. I will turn 66 in a few months and intend on retiring and collecting my benefit in December. My benefit amount is
$2700. My question is can my wife retire now, collect her benefit then switch to receiving half of my benefit in December


Could I Collect 50% Of My Wife's Age 66 Rate And And Then File For My Own Benefits At Age 70?

I was born 12/4/52 and my wife 12/9/53. As I understand it, that puts her at age 62 before the law changes of Jan 2, 2016. We both have worked for over 40 years and I am the higher earner. Do I understand correctly, that a strategy would be that if it is my intent to work until age 70, I would be about to collect spousal benefits if my wife filed for and began collecting retirement at her FRA (66). I could collect 50% of her benefit ?? and then file for my own retirement at age 70 as I planned??

Should I File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits Now?

I'm 69 this month, will draw SS in June 1919. Income is 550,000. My wife turned 65 in April 2018. Should I file a restricted application for spousal benefits at this time? Thanks


Assuming that you haven't filed for and suspended your own retirement benefits and that your wife is drawing her retirement benefits, then yes you should almost certainly file just for spousal benefits only now and then switch to your own record at age 70. However, if your wife isn't drawing her benefits then you couldn't draw spousal benefits.

When Should I Switch From Spousal Benefits To Drawing Benefits On My Own Record?

In March 2015, my wife (age 65 years, 7 mos) filed for her own benefits only (we think). In the same month, I (age 66) applied for spousal benefits on her record, to let my own benefits grow until age 70. Both of our full retirement ages are 66. I plan to file for my benefits at age 70 (March, 2019) and at the same time, have my wife apply for spousal benefits on my record, planning on spousal to be higher than her own. I'm hoping the "deeming rules" do not side track this plan for her to switch to higher spousal benefits on my record.

Will My Wife's Own Benefits Grow At 8% Per Year Even If She's Drawing Spousal Benefits?

i will reach FRA 1-2019 and plan on filing for my social security benefits and will continue to work . My wife will reach FRA 8-2019. We understand that she could file for spousal benefits when she reaches FRA. She would suspend her benefits until age 70 when she files for the spousal benefit. Will her benefits grow at the 8% per year or is it that since she is getting spousal benefit and has suspended her benefits that it does not grow at the 8% per year


Can I Draw Spousal Benefits And Keep Working If If My Husband Files And Suspends His Benefits?

We've read your book and think we have a good plan but we are still confused about spousal benefits. As of this writing I am 62 and my husband is 65 and will reach FRA in December of this year. Both of us are still working and plan to continue to do so until I reach FRA. My question is: When my husband reaches FRA can he file and suspend and then I file for spousal benefit AND keep on working?


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