Filing Strategies

What Would Be My Best Option If I Decide To Take Benefits Early?

I am 57 and my husband is 56. I stopped working full time in 2013 and only work part time now. My husband continues to work full time. During my 35 full-time working years, my husband and I earned about the same income. He is planning on working until he is 67. If I decide to take my Social Security benefits early , what would be my best option? Should I take mine and draw off my SSI earnings at age 62? Or if I wait til I'm 63 (and my husband 62) can I take spousal benefits (or would that be considered file and suspend)?

What Is Our Best Strategy?

My wife and I are both almost 66 (1952 baby boomers). She presently works F/T but will be retiring this year. I work part time.
Her 2017 income was $59,000, my 1099 income was $67,000.
We have a significant 401k savings ($800k) and intended to forego collecting SSI benefits until age 70.
Over the next year or so, her income will go to zero and mine will shrink as well.
Is that the best strategy ?


Hi Bill,

When Should I File My Application For Spousal Benefits?

My wife turns 66 May 31, 2018. She has filed for her retirement benefit to start May 2018. I turn 70 Oct 15, 2018. When should I file a restricted application for spousal benefits only until I am 70 then collect my own retirement benefit? Also, when I file, will the wife"s benefit become a spousal benefit because I filed and will the benefit be one half of my FRA retirement benefit?
Thank you


Should My Wife And I Start Collecting Now Or Delay?

I am turning 66 in June and my wife turning 66 in July. I don't think I've received an account statement for a couple of years and I don't know why? The last statement dated 3/10/15 indicated I would receive $ 2409/month at age 66 and my wife $921/month at age 66. Has it not increased since then?
I understand the 30% gain if we wait until age 70 to begin the process, and we do not need the money now. However, the law could change over these next few years to anything - they could move the age to 68 and till 72.? Do you suggest we start collecting or delay?

Is This True?

Social Security told me I could draw benifits off of my deceased wife. I'm 64. When I'm full retirement age at 66,then I can draw from my benefits. Is it true my claim will accumulate more money even thou I'm not working.


It's true that the longer you wait to claim your own benefits until age 70, the higher your monthly retirement benefit rate would be. This is true regardless of whether or not you're still working. However, widower benefits don't get any higher if you wait past full retirement age to claim them.

What Is Our Best Option?

I will turn 65 in October 2018. My Wife will be 63 in August 2018. We are healthy and I have maximized my social security contribution much of my working career. I am planning to wait until 70 to start collecting my SS benefit. My wife was a stay at home mom and has worked sporadically over 45 years. Questions:
Is it better for her to take a spousal payment when I defer my benefit, or when she gets to FRA?

Can't I Earn As Much As I'm Able To At FRA Without A Penalty?

I am confused by some of the blog concerning spousal benefits. My wife will be 63 in April and I reach my full retirement age in November 2018. We were planning for her to apply this month and when I reach my FRA in November apply for spousal benefits to maximize our social security. I am planning to work until age 70. It was mentioned somewhere that this would affect future earnings. However, at FRA can't I earn as much as I am able without subject to penalty?


How Much Can My Wife And Child Receive?

1) I am 64 and 4 month. My full retirement age is 66.
2) I want to apply for early retirement benefit (today)
3) My kid is 14 years and 4 months
4) My wife is 47 years old.
If I apply for the benefit now, I won't receive any amount because my income earnings is way over the limit ($17,040 in 2018). In this case, my wife and my kid (1) may qualify to receive some amount based on my retirement benefit.
questions: If the kid and my wife are quality to receive their benefit, when do they get the benefit amount ?