Filing For Benefits

Are There Any Pitfalls When Filing A Restricted Application?

Are there any pitfalls when filing a restricted application for SS. I will be filing on-line in about a year from now and I was wondering if the process for filing a restricted application is fairly transparent. I am concerned that the process could be a gotcha and my benefits will start full retirement and not for spousal benefits when I'm 66


Unfortunately, Social Security doesn't allow non-applicants to view the online applications. As a result I can't give you much specific help with regard to the online application process.

Should I Worry About An Online Application That I Started But Never Submitted?

When I turned 62 I set up an account online with SS so I could monitor my monthly increases while I waited to reach my "Full Retirement" age of 66. At the same time I filled out an application for benefits but I never filed it. I just let it sit in the server until it expired after 3 months. I got concerned, after reading your book, that SS may use that to set my benefits at my age 62 level instead of my full retirement level at 66. The difference between the two age levels is substantial and I don't want to loose money.

How Can I Make Sure That I Don't Get Cheated?

I just turned 66, born 6/9/1951. I was married for over 10 years and did not remarry. I was not a high earner. My former husband was a (very) high earner. He is still alive (born in 1935). I want to claim divorced spouse benefits and wait to claim mine until I reach 70. I cannot do this online - too confusing. But I am TERRIFIED that if I go into my local Social Security Office they will try to cheat me and somehow manipulate me into taking my own Social Security Retirement Benefit at my current age instead of the divorced spouse benefit and wait on mine.

What Is The Best Way For My Wife And I To File Our Applications?

My wife and I would like to apply for social security at the same time. She will be 66 next month, and I will be 68. She will apply for half of mine, and I will apply for my own. Can this be done online, or would you recommend we go into a social security office since we're both applying the same day.

Thanks, Wally

Hi Wally,

If your wife will be applying for spousal benefits on your record, it would probably be better to file in person if you're planning to file on the same day.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Start Getting My Retirement Benefits At Age 70?

My wife filed for her SS at age 62, taking a reduced benefit. I am 4 years older, and at the same time she applied, I also filed and "suspended" my own SS, but filed for spousal benefits on my wifes SS. I turn 70 in August this year (2017) and want to claim my own SS benefits. Do I have to do something, or will SS automatically shift me over to full benefits for me?


Do We Need To Do Anything To Prevent Receiving Retroactive Benefits?

Re: Retroactivity automatically applied to benefit applications filed after FRA unless claimant expressly rejects or restricts it (obtain in writing, signed & dated copy of application) - Does this automatic retroactivity apply to all who initiate retirement benefit applications ? Does the claimant have to state a basis for rejecting or restricting this automatic retroactivity ? Is there anything else to be done to insure we get our full benefit (with only Medicare premiums & tax withholdings) deducted ? thank you for your kind assistance in this matter

Do You Have Any Advice For Filing Retroactively?

Hi Larry: I understand you can file retroactively but there have been watch outs posted about the SS Administration retroing the applicant for 6 months costing them benefits.
In my case I would like to apply for age 70 benefits retro to September in late December. I am currently on my wife's record; I filed a restricted application previously and am presently taking spousal benefits. She will be filing for spousal benefits (retroactively the same time I file).