Can My Wife Apply In August 2020 And Choose April 2020 As Her Retirement Date?

Jun 16 2020 - 9:44am

My spouse turned 66 in April 2020.
A decision was made to wait until August 2020 to file for retirrment benefits.
Can one choose April 2020 as the set on datretirement date and will SS release the gunds from May, June, July and Augut 2020? Not sure how that works.
Thank you


Yes, your wife could file her application as late as 6 months after the month she reaches full retirement age (FRA) and claim her benefits retroactive to the month that she reached FRA. For example, if your wife reached FRA in April 2020 she could apply as late as October 31 2020 and still claim benefits effective with April 2020. Social Security would then pay her back pay for her retroactive months of entitlement.

You and your wife may want to strongly consider using our software ( to analyze your various options in order to determine the best filing strategy to maximize your benefits.

Best, Jerry