Filing For Benefits

How Far In Advance Do We Need To File?

My wife and I have run the maximization software. I will be 66 on July 16, 2018. My wife will be 64 on May 1, 2018. The software indicates that she should file for her own benefit in July, 2018, and that I should file for a spousal benefit that same month (July, 2018). Should my wife file before I file? If so, how far in advance of my filing should she file?

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Will Social Security Know If My Wife Qualifies For Spousal Benefits?

When my wife files for social security benefits will the SSA automatically know and apply the spousal benefit for her ? She is eligible for a benefit on her own record but not as much as the spousal benefit will be.
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Your wife would need to file separate applications for retirement benefits and spousal benefits. The applications ask for marital information, and Social Security uses that information to determine if the person filing is eligible for spousal benefits.

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When Should I Apply For Social Security Benefits?

My wife retired at 62 to take care of aging mother and help daughters with our grandchildren. I am still working and just turned 65 and filed for Medicare. My goal is to keeping working as long as God gives me good mind and health, so would start taking SS at age 70. So when I turn 66, I need to file and suspend? So when I turn 70, I can go to SS website and say I am ready to start collecting? Is that all I need to do?

Why Does The Online Application Ask About My Monthly Earnings In 2016?

I recently completed my Social Security retirement application online and didn't understand question 23, which asked to list each month of 2016 in which I did not or will not earn more than $1310? I am not eligible for benefits until March 2017. I thought these exempt months count only when I start receiving benefits. Thank you.


Do Applications Have To Be Filed 3 Months In Advance?

Hi. My mother will turn 66 in March 2017. If she wants to apply for SS, does she need to do so three months before her actual birth date? If she does not do so, does she then have to wait until the following year?


No. Your mother could file her application anytime between now and the end of September 2017 and still be able to elect March 2017 as her month of entitlement. This is because applications filed after full retirement age can be retroactive for up to 6 months.

How Should I Answer The Expected Monthly Earnings Question On My Application?

Dear Jerry,

Thank you so much for your quick and helpful response.

This does lead me to wonder about the purpose of Q 24 (b) on the Social Security Application. If I am making less than $16,290 next year do I need to answer it?

I understand 24 (a) "How much do you expect to earn next year?" For me, the answer is $14,000.

However, I expect to be paid $3500 in March, May, October and December

What Should I Choose For My Month Of Election To Start Benefits?

My husband turned 66 on 6/22/16 and I turned 66 on 7/13/16. I am going to file for my beneifts soon and my husband is going to file a restricted application for "spousal benefits only" and let his benefits grow until he is 70 years old. I'm confused as to what start date I should put on the application to start receiving benefits. Is it 7/1/16 or 8/1/16. If I put down 7/1/16, I don't want social security to say my husband can't file for spousal benefits because I wasn't 66 on 7/1/16.