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How Should I Complete My Application In Order To Be Assured Of Getting My Full Age 70 Rate?

Hi Larry/Jerry--

Thank you for sharing so much useful information via your books, the website, and patiently answering our many questions! Fortunately, I've been able financially to wait to file for Social Security until my 70th birthday which is upcoming in a few months. I will file on-line as my local SSA office seems to recommend this approach when I went to their office in the past to file for Medicare. For my on-line Social Security application, I want to ensure that I use the correct wording in the Remarks section to avoid my benefit starting before my 70th birthday and to ensure I receive all available Delayed Retirement Credits. I read your book for guidance and I'm thinking the following phrase would be sufficient:
"I am filing for my Social Security retirement benefit to start with my 70th birthday (8/25/2023). I do not want to receive any retroactive benefits."
Do you think the above phraseology is specific enough to ensure that all of my DRCs are included in my monthly retirement benefit which I believe would result in my first payment starting in September 2023?

Also, I'm anticipating that the on-line form will ask if I want to enroll in Medicare Part B (it's included in the current paper form). Do I skip that question since I'm already enrolled in Medicare? Or should I answer "No"?

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi Katherine. Since your birthday is apparently 8/25/53, the most important thing to do when you complete your application is to select August 2023 as your month of election (MOE) to start benefits. Social Security won't start your benefits any sooner than the month you specify as your month of election, even if you don't add add anything in the remarks section of the application. It certainly wouldn't hurt to also add a statement in the remarks section, though, and the statement you mention in your question should be fine.

With regard to the Medicare Part B question, you wouldn't want to answer that question 'No' unless you want to terminate your Part B coverage. Social Security interprets negative answers to that question as an indication that you wish to cancel your Part B coverage. I don't think the online application will allow you to skip the Part B Medicare question, so assuming that you do in fact want your Part B coverage to continue you should answer 'Yes'.

Best, Jerry

May 20 2023 - 1:49pm
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