Why Am I Not Getting As Much As I Was Told?

Apr 30 2019 - 3:04pm

My ex-husband passed away in 2/2019. He was collecting his SS of $2,180.60. The representive informed me that I could collect $2,180.60 once I turned 66 in 10/2019 because I'm now 65 years old I could Now collect $2,120.10 NOW. it would be my choice. I choose to take the $2,120.10 now. Within a week later they placed over $2,000. in my bank account. The next week I received a letter indicating that I would only receive $1,798. I feel they are cheating me. What can I do about this? 1. What happen is me getting 100% since we were married over 10 years? 2. What happen to the $2,120.10?


I don't have sufficient information to analyze what's happening in your case. It's true that an eligible surviving divorced spouse can normally qualify for 100% of their deceased spouse's benefit rate if they've reached full retirement age (FRA) when they start drawing survivor benefits, but I can't explain why you're getting less than what you were told by Social Security.

Obviously, part of the reason that you're not receiving 100% of your ex's rate is because you've chosen to start drawing your benefits prior to FRA. Besides that, I could only guess at what's causing the rest of the difference. For example, sometimes people receive less than their full rate because they have Medicare premiums deducted from their payments, or if they've chosen to have part of their payments withheld to cover federal income taxes. You should receive an award letter from Social Security within 2 weeks which will explain the payments you've received and your ongoing benefit rate. Hopefully, the award letter will answer your questions.

Best, Jerry