Is There A Waiting Period Before You Can File For Benefits On The Record Of A Deceased Ex-Spouse?

Jan 18 2019 - 2:21pm

im 60 just got a divorce. I am going to file for survivors benefits on my deceased x spouse. My questions is are there a waiting period after divorce. I know you have to wait 2 years if your x is still alive but what about if their dead.


I'm not sure if you mean that you just divorced a husband who has since died, or if you mean that you just got divorced from a spouse to whom you were remarried after divorcing a prior spouse who's now deceased. In either case, however, there wouldn't be any waiting period for filing for surviving divorced spousal benefits. If you meet the requirements for survivor benefits, you could file for them immediately (

Before filing, however, you should strongly consider using our software to determine your best strategy for claiming your Social Security benefits.

Best, Jerry