Divorced Spousal Benefits

How Do I Know Who Is Telling The Truth?

I have a very complex question. I started drawing at 62 on my own wages because my ex was not 62 yet. They told me my max wages at that time was around $800.00 or so, and I could only draw about 75%, and said I would be better off to wait til I was 66 to draw off of my ex. The four years I kept in touch with the soc. sec., and was told I should be able to get 50% of his wages since he had almost $2000. a month accumulated, and was actually printed out a matrix on his average wages until he turned 66.

Can You Tell Me Why I Can't Get Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am inquiring about spousal divorce benefits. I was married 23 years. I do not have 40 quarters of Social Security. My job provides a pension in liu of SS.
I read I qualify at age 62. I went to SS office last year and they said i did not qualify for benefits. They did not explain why.
Would my salary have to do with not qualifying? Which is above 70K? Or is it because I do not have 40 quarters.

Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

Hi Tula,

Can I Receive Both Disability And Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am 62. I have just been diagnosed with severe COPD and may qualify for disability. My question is, if I do receive disability can I also receive ex spouse retirement benefits at the same time?


Possibly, but only if 50% of your ex's full retirement age rate (PIA) is higher than your own PIA (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/applying6.html). But, your divorced spousal benefits would be reduced for age if you start drawing them prior to your full retirement age.

What Happens If I Remarry After I Start Receiving Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am divorced after 24 years of marriage. I am 57 years old and engaged to be married. My ex-husband makes significantly more than I do. If I do not get married, I know I can collect my ex-husband's SS. My question is: What happens if I get married after I start collecting my ex-husband's SS? Can I still collect at his rate or does it revert back to what my rate would be?


How Can My Mother Find Out What She Could Receive As A Divorced Spouse?

Hello, I have a few questions in regards to my mom. She is 62 and would like to draw ss. She is divorced and unmarried. She was married 12 years to my father. He is also 62. He has made quite a bit more than her over his lifetime. We would love to use your online program but unsure how to get the info about my dad's financials that may be needed for an accurate depiction of the best path for her. She does not have a relationship at all with him and he would not give her any info if asked.

Can My Wife Start Out Getting Spousal Benefits And Still Be Eligible After We Divorce?

My wife and I are getting divorced at the same time I'm retiring (early). I'm 62 (born in 1954) and she's 74. She was told that she would have to wait 2 years to get spousal benefits. Our divorce is final in 3 months. Can she apply NOW (as I am) and continue to collect spousal benefits after we divorce?


Will I Still Be Able To Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits If I Remarry?

I am 49 yrs old, was married for 20 yrs. I am engaged to be married but have been being told, especially by men that if I remarry at all I cannot collect against my ex husbands benefits, He makes a lot more money than my fiance or I, and I see/realize that I have to be single by the time I am 62 in order to claim against his. The wording I keep finding is very confusing. My question is, can I remarry and will it make it so I cannot collect against my ex? Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Will It Benefit Me To Wait To Get Divorced Until Our Marriage Has Lasted For 10 Years?

I will be filing for divorce soon. I am so close to 10 years. My soon to be ex makes almost twice as much as I do, will this benefit me to wait? Also if I wait, how long before our 10th year anniversary can I file the do it yourself papers?Can i file a month or two before the 10 year anniversay as long as it won't be final until after the 10 years mark? Is filing the "Divorce Decree" the date that counts? Hope this makes sense. Please help, I do not want to wait any longer than I have to.