Divorced Spousal Benefits

Will My Ex-Wife Receiving Benefits Affect My Or My New Wife's Benefits?

I was married for 23 years before divorcing. I am currently 63 years old and I am remarrying next month. I plan to wait until 70 y/o to draw my SS to maximize my benefits. My questions are: (1) Will any SS benefits that my ex wife can receive from my record affect my SS benefits?, and (2) When I die will my present wife receive survivor benefits unaffected by any benefits received by my ex wife? Thanks !!


Will I Qualify For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I got devoriced 5 t's ago and have a handicap son he is22. I was marred to his father 18 days short if 10 yrs. I will be 62 in 3 yrs. Same time our son will be out of school . I dont know what i do when hes home allday.also find myself getting extremely exhausted by end of the day taking care of him on the weekends.his father has nothing to do with him.he does pay alamoney. Is there any way of getting his ssi even short 18 day. With a handicap son.?


Does Qualifying As A Domestic Partner Preclude Divorced Spousal Benefits On An Ex's Record?

If I am named as a domestic partner under my fiancee's health plan, does that preclude me from receiving ss benefits from my ex-husband when he starts taking his benefit in three years?


No, but if you remarry, you can't qualify for divorced spousal benefits on a living former spouse's record (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html).

Best, Jerry

Am I Entitled To Survivor Benefits From My Ex-Husband?

My ex-husband is collecting off my social Security Benefit, he says! In our divorce I wouldn't' touch his Retirement Plan!!! Am I entitled to his Survivors Benefits?


Well, potentially. He would have to be deceased, of course, and you would have to meet all of the other requirements for surviving divorced spousal benefits: https://www.ssa.gov/planners/survivors/ifyou3.html.

Best, Jerry

Could I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits On My First Spouse If I Divorce Again?

I got a divorce from my first wife after thirty three years. She worked most of that time. I remarried two years later and have been married for almost 10 1/2 years. If I get a divorce from my second wife, can I collect social security from my first wife? I am sixty eight years old.

Thank you.


Can I Collect On My Former Husband's Record?

I was born in Feb 1952. My former husband was born in July 1952. We were married for more than 10 years. He is still living. I have not applied for social security. Please know that my age 66 retirement benefit would be greater than the "half benefit" I would receive by collecting on my former husband. When I reach my full retirement age of 66 in Feb 2018, I would like to begin collecting on my former husband. Should I wait until my former husband reaches full retirement age in July 2018 rather than start collecting in Feb 2018?

Can I Get Benefits At Age 62 On My Ex-Spouse's Record?

Hi. I have a question im trying to find an answe to maybe you can help and thank you in advance. I turn 62 in may ex spouse turns 60 also in may. I will be divorced 2 years end in dec 2017. Can i take early retirement at 62 based on spousal benefit and delay my full retirement til 66 and 2 months or should i just take early retirement on my own. I only work part time mininum wage. Im very confused about the divorce spouse benefit and help you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kar

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