Divorced Spousal Benefits

Should I File Now?

I have been divorced from a man I was married to for 30 years. He has just filed for ss. They called and asked if I would also like to file on him. I am 62. His amount at last report I've seen was $1350. I really want to marry a man that is 70, disabled vet and draws $1250 plus 100% disabled vet benefits. Wanting to make practical decision. Any thoughts.


Can I Get Benefits On My Husband's Record If We Were Married Nine Years And Six Months?

If I was married for 9 years and 6 months am I entitled to my husband's Social Security or his army pension disability?


I don't know about your husband's army pension, but assuming you're divorced and your divorce was final before you had been married for 10 years, you can't get divorced spousal benefits on your ex's Social Security record (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html).

Best, Jerry

Why Can't I Get More From My Ex-Spouse?

hello filed for ssi today and was married for 18 years from 1982 to 2000 and asked them about getting half her benefits now. I filed at 62 she is 58 and the ssi office told me I would only get 5 dollars more than I get now which in my case is only 410.00 I believe she actually made more than I did how is that possible to only be 5 dollars more. they told me that you don't get half anymore.


First of all, you couldn't get divorced spousal benefits until your wife is at least age 62, unless she is receiving disability benefits.

Will Our Social Security Benefits Change Due To Divorce?

getting divorced after 40 years, we both collect ssa, she gets 1/2 of my benefits because she was not able to collect on her own. I get $2400 a month and she gets $1200. once the divorce is final, do these numbers change? can she take some of my check? all other property and accounts will be split in half and both have agreed on this. She asked if she will be able to take some of my monthly check, so I need to know. thank you


Can I Claim Benefits On My Ex's Record Before He Is Age 65?

I am 63 and my x is six years younger.
We owned a business together for many years where he paid more into ss. I want to
Claim against him as his is way more than
Mine. Can I claim on his
Before he is 65?


Unless your ex becomes eligible for Social Security disability benefits or dies, the earliest that you could receive divorced spousal benefits on his record is when he reaches age 62.

Best, Jerry

Is There A Social Security Related Reason For My Ex-Spouse Getting An Annulment?

I was married to my husband for 28 years, we were married in the Catholic Church and have 3 children and divorced in 2011, My ex remarried in 2011 and I remarried in 2015. Today I received annulment papers from my ex. Is there some financial benefit with regard to Social Security that would be the catalyst for my ex's behavior?

Hi Ellie,

When Will I Be Eligible For Benefits On My Ex-Spouse's Record?

I am a physician but unfortunately had to quit working at age 55 due to a disability and am now on SSDI. I was married for 16 years and have been divorced for 10 years. I remarried 2 years ago. When will I be eligible for my ex-spouse's social security? Would it be different if I hadn't re-married?

Addendum to my question. My ex-spouse will be 64 in December.


Does What Social Security Told Me Sound Correct?

I was married for 19 yrs and stayed home to raise our children. We are divorced and he is remarried. I am 64 going on 65. I went to SS to see if I could get mine at 63 and they told me i could but only get a ck twice a yr for 743.00. I would also have to work part time. I work full tiime and have for 10yrs now. Does thst sound correct to you? He is a millionaire but is incorporated so they said I would only get 25.00 more under him.


What Should Be My Plan?

Larry, I will be 66 yrs old Sept. 2017 (DOB 9/1951). I was married for over 10yrs and divorced over 20 yrs. Clincher: I am 11 yrs OLDER than my ex-spouse. He is still working at a high paying job. I retired at 62 yrs old and started collecting my early SS at that time and making ends meet with that added to my Pension from my former employment . My ex-spouse wants me to apply for his benefits now to get as much as I can off of his record.