Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits Before My Husband Reaches Retirement Age?

I made a bigger mistake than I ever knew. I am divorced. My former husband is 16 years younger than me. We were married for a 14 year period. I always work but he made a great deal of more money than myself I am wanting to take a retirement at the age of 62 due to poor health. I have never remarried, is there anyway I can collect any benefits of his such as Social Security before he is of retirement age. Thank you for any help you can give me , I sincerely appreciate your time.


Can A Spouse Receive Deferred Retirement Credits On Their Spousal Benefit?

What if the ex spouse started their Social Security benefits recently at 65, can the other spouse still receive deferred retirement credits on their "spousal benefit" if they should wait past their Full Retirement Age to file? Thank you


Sorry, I'm not sure I'm understanding your question correctly. Delayed retirement credits (DRC) are not paid on spousal benefits, so no one should voluntarily wait past full retirement age to apply for a spousal or divorced spousal benefit.

Can I Get Additional Benefits?

I was racking up huge debt for medical care, prior to becoming disabled and just recently getting SSD and SSI. I had recently divorced my spouse of 12 years. I made substantially less during my work life than he made. I was in the 15g range, he, 100g and up. I am age 61 and he is 67. He has begun to get his SS and has a pension and I have only my SSD and SSI. We have discussed remarrying of late but do not know the best way to plan a financial future. He is also a Vietnam veteran.
I hope this isn't too complicated to answer. Thank you for your time. Rebecca

Can I Still Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I was married for 18 years (divorced now for 20). Never remarried. My ex is 68 and has been collecting his SS. I turn 60 in September 2016. My understanding is I missed the cutoff for being allowed to collect my 50% of my ex-husbands social security. Is that correct? In order for me to collect that 50% I would need to have been born before 1954?

Thanks for your response.


Can I Draw Benefits On My Ex-Spouse's Record If They Aren't Retired?

I will be 62 in April and divorced. I was married to my ex-husband for over 20 years. I don't know when he plans to retire -- what I do know is that he's made substantially more than I have in the years we were married and after. Can I begin collecting (my spousal benefit) on his social security if he hasn't retired?

Hi Jane,

Can I Collect a Full Divorced Spousal Benefit and Then Go For My Retirement Benefit?

Dear Larry,

I am 63 in August. Divorce was final March 22,2016. I am able to collect off my ex after March 22, 2018. I will be 64 1/2. That would be about $1300.00 per month. Then when I turn 66 I plan to collect my own, that would be $1558.00 per month.
I receive $2000.00 per month in alimony. What are the social security tax ramifications and or percentage of SSI that would be taxed?

Thank you, Lisa

Dear Lisa,

Does Filing For Divorced Spouse's Benefits Preclude Us from Delaying Our Retirement Benefit Until Age 70?

My husband (67) and I (62 in 3/17) have both worked and are both entitled to social security on our own. My husband has not yet filed. We were both married to our ex-spouses for over 10 years and both ex-spouses are already at full retirement age, although neither has yet filed. If we both file in March 2017 for divorced spousal benefits, does this preclude use from filing for our own benefits when we turn 70, respectively?