Divorced Spousal Benefits

How Much Will I Receive As A Divorced Spouse?

Hi Larry,
I'm 56, and my x-spouse is 69 (soon to turn 70). We were married for 22 years and have been divorced since 2012.
I have read that I can receive his social security benefits , but am still confused about a couple of things, which are critical (recognize that my social security benefits will be much less than his, whether it is calculated from 50% or 100% of his amount due.
Here are the details, and the questions:

Can My Ex-Spouse Get Benefits On My Record?

My ex-husband is 67 and begin collecting Social Security at age 62. He has never remarried. I am 62 and have not begun to collect. My FRA benefit is significantly larger than his. Can he reapply for ex-spousal benefits to receive a higher amount? If so would in be 50% of my FRA benefit?
We were married for 24 years and have been divorced for 17.

Thank you


When Can I Apply For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry and thanks for reading my question.
I became divorced in 2008 after almost 29 years of marriage.
I became disabled in 2005 and get a very small pension which I have to pay from to receive my Humana health insurance.
My ex husband was ordered to pay me permanant alimony but in 2010 he moved to a nother state and I can not go after him because it is a civil matter and not child support.
This is my question I am 64 but my ex does not turn 62 until July 1st of 2018.

Is There Any Way I Can Increase My Benefit Rate?

larry I draw ssi on my husband I did not work enough we where married for 15 years
my ssi I s very low his is much higher can I draw some more or only when he passes
away ? i am single and it is hard to make ends meet
thank jou

Hi Coby,

If you're already drawing divorced spouse's benefits on your ex-husband's record, it sounds like you are probably getting as much as you can for now. As you mention, though, your benefit rate would go up in the event that your ex dies before you.

Would I Be Eligible For Divorced Spousal Benefits If I Get Divorced?

I am 58 and receiving social security disability on my own record. My husband whom I was married to for 13 years is only 53 has now started collecting ssdi on his own record which he receives quit a bit more than me. I remarried at age 52 but have been separated from my second husband for 6 years. If I were to divorce my second husband could I draw on my first husbands record and If so would I get the full amount my first husband is getting and mine as well? How does that work?


Can I File For Benefits On My Own Record At 62 And For Divorced Spousal Benefits At FRA?

I will turn 62 on 5/ 2018. I was married for 25 years and have been divorced for 4. Is it possible to collect on my benefits at 62 and then on my ex's at full retirement age?


No, whenever you apply for benefits, you will be deemed to be filing for both retirement benefits on your own record and for divorced spousal benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/deemedfaq.html).

Best, Jerry

When Should I Apply For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry, I am divorced after married 17 years, now I'm on Disability and 65 years old. After reading extensively I understand my Disability will roll over to regular Social Security at the same rate of payment as the Disability payment when I turn 65.
I want to file on his Social Security to increase my income, but not sure what to do or when. Do I wait till I'm 66 to file for the most benefit on his SS or go ahead and do it now and get mine and half of his? I read so much, will timing make a substantial difference? What is the best way?