Divorced Spousal Benefits

How Should I Report My Remarriage To Social Security?

I understand that a person who is drawing Social Security is supposed to notify Social Security if they get married, even if neither party change their names. Is there a specific form to use for this? Both my domestic partner and I are 66 years old and drawing ex-spousal benefits while letting our own retirement benefits grow 8% a year until age 70. We plan to marry next year.

Could My Friend Still Get Divorced Spousal Benefits If She Changed Her Name?

My friend is 54 years old, recently divorced of more than 10 years marriage. Former spouse 72 years old. As the result from domestic violence; homicide attemp, continued threats, identity theft, stalking, she had to secure "court order name changed".
Would a claim against former spouse's social security possible?

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Mary Jane

Hi Mary Jane,

Will My Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Reduced If My Ex Is Only Age 62 When I File?

If I apply at age 66 for divorced spouse benefits and he is only 62, will the benefit amount I receive increase as he reaches his full retirement age before he collects at age 66?


No, if you start drawing divorced spousal benefits at your full retirement age, they will be unreduced regardless of your ex-husband's age at that time. He must be at least age 62 and you must have been divorced for at least 2 years, or he must be drawing his retirement or disability benefits in order for you to be eligible, though.

Am I Eligible For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am 64 years old and have not started claiming any social security benefits. I would like to better understand the ex spousal benefit. My ex husband (a really nice guy) and I were married for 11 years. He remarried several years ago and I have not ever remarried. We have been divorced from each other for 24 years. Throughout our work careers, I earned more money than he did. Am I eligible to claim any benefits based on being an unmarried ex spouse? Would it be beneficial to claim his benefits and hold off on mine until I am at least 66 (born in 1952)?

Can I File For Divorced Spousal Benefits If My Ex Lives In Another Country?

My ex husband and I met in his own English-speaking country. He emigrated to the US. We married here. He became a naturalized US citizen. We were married more than ten years. He worked very hard as a young man, in his own country. He also worked hard in the US, mostly at low- paying jobs. I believe that he has returned to his country of origin, to live possibly the rest of his years. How can I find out the Social Security equivalent in his country, and its rules in this case? He is 64; I will turn 64 also, this year.

Should I Take My Divorced Spousal Benefit At 62.

I will be 62 and recently divorced. I have not been successful at getting a job and feel I will need to take my social security at 62. My ex is 67 and is collecting social security. What is my best options. I have checked and they said at 62 I could only take half of my ex's. Is that a lower rate for me at 62 as well? If I take mine at 62 and when he passes would I be able to switch to his if I don't remarry?