Does It Matter That My PIA Is Higher Than My Divorced Spousal Rate?

Sep 14 2019 - 8:34am

Will soon be 66, I was born prior to Jan. 2, 1954 and haven't started receiving any benefits yet. If applying for divorced spousal benefits, (1/2 of ex's PIA) and want to wait and then at 70 start receiving my benefits. Does it matter if my PIA at 66 is larger than the divorced spousal benefit? Just want to do what is best and will help me out financially in the long run. Ex is 70+. Divorced for 20+, never remarried. Thanks for your knowledge. Have a good weekend.


Your plan sounds good, and no it doesn't matter that your PIA (primary insurance amount) is higher than your divorced spousal rate. Since you were born prior to January 2 1954, you'll still be able to file a restricted application for just divorced spousal benefits only effective with the month you reach full retirement age (FRA). You can then switch to your own higher rate at age 70.

Best, Jerry