Divorced Spousal Benefits

How Can My Mother Find Out What She Could Receive As A Divorced Spouse?

Hello, I have a few questions in regards to my mom. She is 62 and would like to draw ss. She is divorced and unmarried. She was married 12 years to my father. He is also 62. He has made quite a bit more than her over his lifetime. We would love to use your online program but unsure how to get the info about my dad's financials that may be needed for an accurate depiction of the best path for her. She does not have a relationship at all with him and he would not give her any info if asked.

Can My Wife Start Out Getting Spousal Benefits And Still Be Eligible After We Divorce?

My wife and I are getting divorced at the same time I'm retiring (early). I'm 62 (born in 1954) and she's 74. She was told that she would have to wait 2 years to get spousal benefits. Our divorce is final in 3 months. Can she apply NOW (as I am) and continue to collect spousal benefits after we divorce?


Will I Still Be Able To Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits If I Remarry?

I am 49 yrs old, was married for 20 yrs. I am engaged to be married but have been being told, especially by men that if I remarry at all I cannot collect against my ex husbands benefits, He makes a lot more money than my fiance or I, and I see/realize that I have to be single by the time I am 62 in order to claim against his. The wording I keep finding is very confusing. My question is, can I remarry and will it make it so I cannot collect against my ex? Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Will It Benefit Me To Wait To Get Divorced Until Our Marriage Has Lasted For 10 Years?

I will be filing for divorce soon. I am so close to 10 years. My soon to be ex makes almost twice as much as I do, will this benefit me to wait? Also if I wait, how long before our 10th year anniversary can I file the do it yourself papers?Can i file a month or two before the 10 year anniversay as long as it won't be final until after the 10 years mark? Is filing the "Divorce Decree" the date that counts? Hope this makes sense. Please help, I do not want to wait any longer than I have to.


Will My Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Reduced If I File Before My Ex Reaches Full Retirement Age?

I was married for 13 years. Divorced. I am applying for ex spousal social security benefits when I turn 66 in August. My ex be 64. Are my benefits reduced because he is younger?


No. If you are at least full retirement age when you start drawing divorced spousal benefits, you will receive 50% of your ex's full retirement age rate (PIA). He must be at least age 62 or receiving his benefits in order for you to qualify, but beyond that his age is immaterial in calculating your benefit rate.

Best, Jerry

Can I File A Restricted Application For Divorced Spousal Benefits And Switch To My Own Record At Age 70?

My ex-husband and I have been divorced for over two years and were married for over ten years. We are both at full retirement age and neither of us has submitted a SS claim yet. Even though his benefit would be less than mine, can I still file a restricted claim to begin receiving 50% of his benefit and then change when I reach 70 to start receiving my benefit? Thanks!


Is It True That I Can't Get Divorced Spousal Benefits Until I'm Age 62?

Larry I'm 55 and disabled and divorced.I receive ssi. My ex husband is also disabled and receives ssdi. I was married for 28 years and was told I could receive ssdi from him..When I called social security they said I have to wait until I turned 62.Can you tell me if that is true..Thank you.


Yes, that's true. Age 62 is minimum age requirement for divorced spousal benefits, even if you are disabled. And, if you start drawing divorced spousal benefits prior to full retirement age, they will be reduced for age.

Am I Eligible For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am the divorced mom of 3 minor children. At the time of divorce my ex-husband filed for Social Security Disability. My 3 children receive support from his social security benefits. However, I receive only $300 per month despite the fact that I was a stay-at-home-mom for the 19 years of our marriage. I receive no spousal support. Can I receive divorced spouse social security benefits, or some other SS benefits?


Will My Ex-Wife Receiving Benefits Affect My Or My New Wife's Benefits?

I was married for 23 years before divorcing. I am currently 63 years old and I am remarrying next month. I plan to wait until 70 y/o to draw my SS to maximize my benefits. My questions are: (1) Will any SS benefits that my ex wife can receive from my record affect my SS benefits?, and (2) When I die will my present wife receive survivor benefits unaffected by any benefits received by my ex wife? Thanks !!