Divorced Spousal Benefits

When Will I Be Eligible For Benefits On My Ex-Spouse's Record?

I am a physician but unfortunately had to quit working at age 55 due to a disability and am now on SSDI. I was married for 16 years and have been divorced for 10 years. I remarried 2 years ago. When will I be eligible for my ex-spouse's social security? Would it be different if I hadn't re-married?

Addendum to my question. My ex-spouse will be 64 in December.


Does What Social Security Told Me Sound Correct?

I was married for 19 yrs and stayed home to raise our children. We are divorced and he is remarried. I am 64 going on 65. I went to SS to see if I could get mine at 63 and they told me i could but only get a ck twice a yr for 743.00. I would also have to work part time. I work full tiime and have for 10yrs now. Does thst sound correct to you? He is a millionaire but is incorporated so they said I would only get 25.00 more under him.


What Should Be My Plan?

Larry, I will be 66 yrs old Sept. 2017 (DOB 9/1951). I was married for over 10yrs and divorced over 20 yrs. Clincher: I am 11 yrs OLDER than my ex-spouse. He is still working at a high paying job. I retired at 62 yrs old and started collecting my early SS at that time and making ends meet with that added to my Pension from my former employment . My ex-spouse wants me to apply for his benefits now to get as much as I can off of his record.

Can I Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits And Allow My Own Rate To Grow Until Age 70?

I am 67 in sept 1951. I am divorcing my husband who is 55 and not eligible to collect. I would like to suspend my benefits til age 70. Can I do this and collect his benefit? Iam will also be collecting nyc pension.


You can't receive divorced spousal benefits on your ex's record unless he is either a) at least age 62 or b) drawing disability benefits.

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Best, Jerry

Is There Anything I Can Do To Increase My Income?

I am almost 72, divorced. I am eligible for divorced spousal benefits which will bring my SS funds up to around $700 per month. I have $900 in cash and $100,000K in an IRA to last me for remainder of my life. no property. I worked much of my life with refugees and foster care and made very little money. I have medicare and AARP supplemental insurance. that and medications absorb much of my soc sec payment.

Can My Wife Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits On Her Ex's Record?

I am getting married soon and can not get a reliable answer to my social security question. I am considered a high wage earner age 57. My fiancé is 61 with limited earnings. She was married for 24 years and her ex has always maxed out his earnings for social security and is age 63
My question is, if we get married can she still collect a retirement benefits as a divorced spouse. Some answers I get say yes if she marries after age 62. I also believe that regardless, she could collect survivor benefits if her were to pass away.
Thank you for your help.

Why Am I Not Eligible For Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I began collecting Social Security at age 62 and for nearly 4 years I've felt like I've been misled. I meet all of the requirements for receiving divorced spousal benefits as stated on the SSA website. I applied in person at a local office and was told that my own benefit is too high to receive my ex's. I am confused by this as the website states that my own benefit would be paid first then an amount from his for a total amount equal to his benefit. I don't know what he receives, but I do know that while we were married his income was about 3 times higher than mine.

Does My Ex Have To Wait Until I Retire To Receive Benefits On My Record?

My ex-husband is not a US citizen. I am 57 he is 63. We were married 28 years. Does he have to wait until I file for retirement to collect the spousal benefit he is due? Is he do one if he's not a citizen?


Unless you receive Social Security disability benefits, your ex-husband could not be eligible for divorced spousal benefits on your record until you are at least age 62.