Delayed Retirement Credits

When My Disability Payments Convert At Age 65 Can I Delay Taking It To Increase My Wife's Survivor Rate?

I have been receiving social security disability for ~15 years. I turn 65 December 2019.
My wife is my caregiver, turned 60 this year, and has not been employed outside the home. (Became a stay at home Mom 35 years ago, then my primary caregiver.) It is likely she will survive me within the next 5-7 years. Social Security at that point will be her primary source of funds.
When my disability payments convert at age 65, can I delay taking it to increase benefits she will receive?


How Will My Age 70 Rate Be Calculated?

Thanks for your software offer. I doubt I'll be needing it though as I am now 70yrs old. I would have used it assuredly if I had seen it some years ago.....I filed early at 62 - rcvd payments until 66 - suspended (before apr. 2016) - am now 70yrs old - When my payments resume and my delayed benefit credits are added, are they added to my FRA, or my last payment at age 66 when I suspended? $ 1650 initially - $ 1725 at age 66 - my FRA is $ 2200. So will my new monthly payments be based on 2200 x 8% x 4yrs, or will they be based on $ 1725 x 8% x 4 yrs?

Is Someone Who Received SSDI Eligible To Suspend Their SS Payments After FRA In Order To Receive DRCs?

My husband began drawing SSDI in late 2015 at the age of 63. A few months after he reached FRA he requested that his SS payments be suspended in order to qualify for DRC. When he did so one agent at the local SS office informed him he was not eligible for DRC. Another agent overheard the conversation and corrected the first agent, so his SS payments are currently suspended. We have since read in a newspaper column about SS that anyone who has been on disability is not eligible to earn DRC. I have also read that on some websites.

How Will My Delayed Retirement Credits Be Calculated?

I am 67 and was eligible to start benefits at 66. I now want to file for benefits. my birthday is in march. if I request benefits to start in September will I get the extra credits 1 year + (4%) for the extra 6 months I delayed. the ssa agent told me I would only get the 1 full year of delay. is this correct. the ssa web site states 67+ 6 months is 112% .8% for year 1and 4% for the last 6 months. which is correct


Am I Wrong In Thinking That I Should Receive Delayed Retirement Credits?

I was born in July 20 1949. I filed and suspended my Social Security benefits until today.
I was told at the time that I filed that I would get 8% increase of my benefits each year that I suspended them and when I claim for the suspension payments benefits when paid in back credits the 8% will be figured in . My local Social Security agent office in Independence Kansas said there would be no 8% increase and that I would only get the amount that was in place when I filed back in 2015 . Am I wrong in thinking that the 8% would apply?


Do We Need To File An Appeal To Receive The DRC Increase That My Husband Is Due For 2018?

My husband FRA was June 2017. He started benefits with first payment in July 2018. We were told final delayed retirement credits would be paid January 2019. Current statement of Jan 2019 benefits only include the cola adjustment and do not include any due DRC. He called to inquire and was not told anything about due DRCs. Do we need to file an appeal to receive the DRC of the 4% not credited in Jan 2019?

When Should I See My 2018 Delayed Credits Added To My Monthly Payments?

I was born in February, 1951. I applied for social security benefits this past Fall and received my 1st check in December 2018. That 1st check only appeared to include my delayed credits accrued through December 2017.

I have read on the Social Security website that "If you retire before age 70, some of your delayed retirement credits will not be applied until the January after you start benefits." I don’t see my 10 delayed credits for 2018 in my January 2019 payment. When should I see my 2018 delayed credits added into my monthly payments?

Will I Still Get Delayed Retirement Credits If I'm Not Working?

I turned 66 in August of this year. I am self employed and decided to retire as of November 1. I don't want to start receiving retirement benefits until age 66 and 6 months. My question is, if I am not working now and not receiving any income, do I still get delayed retirement credit for those six months or do you only get credits if you are still working and making money?
Thank you.


Will I Receive My Four Delayed Retirement Credits If I File For My Benefits Effective With January 2019?

Hi Larry. I am currently collecting divorced spousal social security since September 2018. My FRA was 8-1952.

My question is: If I decide to start my own social security with January 2019 as the start date, will I receive my social security amount from 8-2018 or will the 4 delayed credits be included in the January 2019 payment.

It would be good to have the 4 delayed credits included in the Jan.2019 payment instead of waiting for a recalculate of the 4 delayed credits at some time in the future. Thank you for your help and advise.


Does Social Security Owe Me An Additional Amount For DRCs?

I just received an MBA update (effective Oct 1) and lump sum for DRCs. October? Whatever.
But, I believe the lump sum is short. Specifically, it looks like SSA gave me 9 months DRC credit
(correct), but lump sum was 9 months worth, matching checks received for 2018. However,
I started SS Nov 1, 2017, so I believe SSA still owes me "backpay" for those 2 months in 2017.
My question: does SSA do DRC catch up in a single go, or is another check in the mail?


Hi Edward,