Delayed Retirement Credits

How Are Delayed Retirement Benefits Calculated?

Hello Larry, I'm approaching age 66 in two months and am planning to file and suspend so as to receive maximum benefits at age 70. If during that four year period I need to take my full retirement benefits before age 70, does SSA prorate evenly the amount received? For example, if I file for full benefits at age 68, is the estimated incremental amount received exactly 50% of the difference between what the SSA would grant at age 66, and what it currently estimates at age 70? The SSA staff at our local office don't have to a way to calculate my benefits at age 68.

Do I Need To File & Suspend At Full Retirement Age?

Hi Larry: I've purchased your software, thank you. Questoin: I am single (divorced in 1978 after 3 year marriage). At FRA am I REQUIRED to file for SS benefits (I'm planning on claiming at age 70) via file and suspend, or can I simply wait until age 70? I assume the +8%/yr. is applied if I wait until age 70 to file - is this correct. Thanks very much.