Delayed Retirement Credits

Will I Lose My DRCs If I Didn't File And Suspend At FRA?

I am 67.5 years old and stopped working at 62. I know I was eligible at my FRA of 66 to take my social security benefits, but have delayed in order to earn several months of DRC's. I am worried that I should I have already filed and suspended at FRA 66 and will therefore lose these DRC's? I also have a disabled adult child who will transition off of SSI to my benefit. Thank you for your help.


Who Is Correct?

I have received SS since age 63. I am now 67 1/2 and want to suspend benefits until I am 70.
Everything I've researched tells me I can gain 8% annually on my current monthly benefit of $2040 so I'd get aprox. $2474. at age 70.
The folks at Tucson SS say that is not the case and because I filed at 63 my benefit at 70 would only be $2284.
I can't find anything to justify their line of thought. Why isn't it a 8% yearly increase???
Who is correct????
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Hi Tom,

Can Anyone Tell Me For Sure When They Recalculate Delayed Retirement Credits?

Can anyone tell me for sure when they definately recalculate delayed retirement benefits? Is it each January or every other year in January? Why isn't there a form letter sent to the people that will be getting delayed retirement credits explaining exactly when they are recalculated and when the people will be receiving the adjusted benefit? Thank you


Will Social Security Also Correct My COLA Amounts When They Add My Delayed Retirement Credits?

I filed for retirement benefits when I turned 68 in July 2016. The monthly amount (per the matrix provided by the SS representative) was the figure for January 2016. I understand that the delayed credits will be paid at a later date. However, I am still waiting for the credits to be paid and for my monthly benefit adjusted to the correct amount. My question pertains to applying the two COLA increases that have taken place (for 2017 and for 2018).

Isn't This Wrong?

From letter Jan 26, 2018.
"So essentially he will lose out on ~$50 a month from May 2018-Dec. 2018 that he earned by delaying (approx $400), as Social Security does not reimburse that lost money if you file mid-year."
This must be wrong. I thought you would get a lump sum the next time SS does their adjustments


How Much Will My Rate Go Up For Each Month That I Wait To Start Collecting My Benefits?

Thank you for helping us to understand SS. I turn 66 in March 2018. I will continue working until August. SS estimates my monthly payment at full retirement age to be $1,122. Can you tell me how much it will go up each month I wait to begin collecting my SS? I have seen the formula in the column, but after much searching through past columns I can't find it. I want to know if it would be worth it to wait to take my SS until August 2018 or start at full retirement age.