Delayed Retirement Credits

Should I Give Up Delayed Retirement Credits By Taking A Lump Sum Instead?

I'm 68+ and have "filed and suspended" since FRA at 66. I'm ready to start benefits. I am offered a lump sum of $ 66 K or start taking my higher benefit amount ($ 450 per month higher than my amount at age 66). I'm in good health. Is taking the lump sum or the higher monthly amount the better move? Any key criteria I can use to make the best choice?


If I File At Age 70, Will I Get All Of My DRCs Immediately?

Hi Larry,
I plan on filing for my SSA benefit in July 2018 when I reach 70. Will all DRC's be included in my August check, or will they withhold the DRC's earned from 1/2018 through 7/2018 and add them later?

Thanks for the info.


Yes, if you file effective with the month you reach age 70, all of your delayed retirement credits (DRC) are included in your initial benefit rate.

Best, Jerry

How Much Will My Social Security Rate Increase If I Work Until Age 70?

I just finished reading your book on social security. Page 112 on the Social security calculators - which one will tell me, if I claim at FRA my benefits BUT keep working until age 69, HOW MUCH my social security amount will increase (I do know what my wages will be from age 66-69. Or does your calculator do that? 2nd question, my husband went on social security disability (SSDI) at age 60. He is now age 66 (his FRA). His social security amount is a lot higher than mine.

Will My Benefits Increase If I Suspend Them, Or Must I Withdraw My Application?

My husband turned 66 in September 2016. At my urging he filed for Social Security benefits. We realize it wasn't in our best interests. He suspended his benefits. He just spoke to Social Security. He was told that suspending his benefits and waiting until age 70 will not increase the amount of the benefits. In order to increase the amount of benefits by 8% per year he must withdraw his benefit application and repay all of the benefits he has received. I'm sure that includes the premiums paid to Medicare.

Was My Benefit Rate Calculated Using Only Part Of My Delayed Retirement Credits?

I filed for benefits in July 2016 at age 69 and 7 months. Was my benefit calculated based on my age at the beginning of the calendar year? If so, will the benefit be adjusted for the additional 7 months? Also, did the calculation only include income through 2015. If so, will the benefit be adjusted for 2016 earnings? May not amount to much, but every dollar counts. Thanks.


Will My Benefits Increase By 8% Yearly Even If I Start Drawing Benefits?

I am 66 and working full time. I have not started collecting SS benefits yet. I know that if I am not working and not collecting, my rate will increase by 8% every year. If I start to claim my benefits now, and continue to work, does my SS rate still increase 8% a year? I can't see any drawback to not collecting now.


No, you only get the 8% per year increase if you delay taking your benefits. You may want to run the maximization software on this website in order to help you determine the best time to apply.

Best, Jerry