Delayed Retirement Credits

Does Social Security Pay Back Pay Of Delayed Retirement Credits?

I have another question about delayed retirement credits. My FRA of 66 was in 2014. I do have RR but now have been given the exact amount of Social Security retirement. It is 271.00 higher than my tier 1 RR. Does Social Security pay back pay of the delayed retirement credit portion when I do start benefits or is all of that money basically forfeited? I do understand that they no longer pay the lump sum as of April of 2016 but was not sure if the portion of delayed credit might be given.

Will I Get Delayed Retirement Credits Even If I'm Receving Benefits?



No, if you're receiving retirement benefits on your own record, you won't get the 8% per year increase resulting from delayed retirement credits (DRC). DRC increases are only accrued for months of non-payment between full retirement age and age 70.

How Are Delayed Retirement Credits Applied?

My wife applied online for benefits to start when she turns 67 in March. We just received a call from the worker at Social Security handling her claim. She said the amount my wife would receive would be the same if she starts in January as it would if she starts in March because delayed retirement increases are only applied in January. I don't think I'm getting the whole story. According to the calculator on the social security web site, the benefit if starting in March is 108% of PIA, but in January is 106.67% of PIA.

Would I Be Eligible To Receive Higher Payments At Age 70?

I started Social Security benefits at age 63 years. I am receiving benefit payments based on my own earnings and benefits as a wife. My payments were reduced due to starting early at age 63 prior to my FRA of 66 years. My Spouse’s benefit started at age 65 reduced for 4 months before his FRA of 65 years and 4 months.
Would I be eligible to receive higher (by 32%) payments on my own earning when I turn to age 70 years? Your clarification would be greatly appreciated.
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When Will I Get My Delayed Retirement Credits?

I turned 68 in September 2016. I have applied to start receiving my retirement benefits to receive my 1st check in January 2017 (my 1st check will be the 2nd Wednesday in January 2017). I have read on the Social Security website that "If you retire before age 70, some of your delayed retirement credits will not be applied until the January after you start benefits." Does this mean I will get all my delayed credits earned thru December 2016 in my 1st check that I will receive in January 2017 or will I not get all of them until January 2018?


Do I Need To Do Anything To Earn Delayed Retirement Credits?

I started social security benefits based on my late husband's work record in January 2011 when I was 61. I am now 67, and plan to switch to my own work record in January 2018. Was I supposed to have taken some action when I turned 66? I have seen statements on the web that one has to "suspend social security" in order to earn delayed retirement credits. I had thought that I would earn DRCs automatically just by the passage of time. I am going through hardship to wait this long, and am so worried that something will go wrong. I hope that I have been earning DRCs.

Why Is My Benefit Amount Lower Than What I Was Told?

I am 68 years old and born in July 1948, not married, and receiving a civil service retirement. I also worked for 10 years under social security and have enough credit under social security to get retirement benefits. I applied in person for social security retirement in Sept 2016 to be effective July 2016. At the time I applied, the SS representative provided me with a benefit matrix indicating my benefit amounts for every month from my FRA date and beyond for 48 months. The benefit matrix for July 2016 indicated a benefit of $927 per month.